Month: October 2009

Oct 20

Awesome online comic!

So I ‘Stumbled’ across this great web comic about a female WoW gamer and I had to share. The comic is NPC Comic and this is one of my favorite

Oct 18

Episode 3 – Leggo My PS3!

In this packed episode of Ladies of Leet we discuss Fat Princess, Uncharted 2, Sims 3 for the iPhone, WET & Champions Online.

Oct 14
2009 video games buy 2 get 1 free – till 10/17 is running a special right now: buy two video games from a special selection and get another one free! Plus there’s free shipping on orders over $25! Hurry, the

Oct 09

Game Review and Guide: The Sims3 for the iPhone

The Sims 3 for the iPhone $6.99 through the iTunes store The Sims and I go way back. If you’re not familiar with the game’s concept it’s essentially like playing

Oct 09

Game Review – Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

I’ve always been a big fan of the Mario and Luigi RPG series. The latest introduction to the series is Mario and Luigi: Bower’s Inside Story does not disappoint. They

Oct 08

Dante’s Inferno: Boobs Get Their Revenge

So a few years ago X-Play previewed a game that had a story line that excited me.

Oct 05

Playstation 3 – Which one should I buy?

I am ready to bite the bullet and buy a Playstation 3. Looking out at, there are basically 3 options for new systems. Playstation 3 120GB System – This

Oct 03

Episode 2: Circle of Wind

Listen to the ladies as they discuss Aion, Brewfest, PSP Go and much more on this weeks episode of LoL