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Playstation Network Down

Posted on 28 February 2010 by nicolespag

In multiple regions, players are reporting the inability to sign into the Playstation network or getting error codes. Once reports of the problems started to appear, Sony tweeted: “We’re aware that many of you are having problems connecting to PSN, and yes, we’re looking into it. Stay tuned for updates.” That’s all we’ve heard from them so far. There’s no solution just yet; even disconnecting your console from the Internet doesn’t help. We’ll post an update immediately when we hear about a resolution.

What will you do while the network is down?

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Give us a Call!

Posted on 24 February 2010 by nicolespag

As the podcast grows, so does the site! Introducing the new Ladies of Leet Voicemail. Have a comment or question for the show? Give us a call! Our only request is to keep it short & clean. If we can, we would love to play your voicemail for the show. So give us a call at (623) 252-GAME (4263)

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Wind Rider and Gryphon Hatchling – Now on sale in Blizzard Store

Posted on 22 February 2010 by nicolespag

These have got to be some of the cutest little guys I have ever seen! Not only do you get the cute little plushie, but an in-game code for a matching non-combat pet!  Which one will you buy?  Maybe both?

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Episode 12 – It’s Fun To Be Scared

Posted on 22 February 2010 by nicolespag

In Episode 12 of LoL we discuss Bioshock 2, Starcraft 2, Mass Effect 2 & of course WoW.

Gaming News/Buzz
Turn in your Blizzcon ’08 beta key for Starcraft 2. They are going for up to $350 on Ebay! And if you don’t have a beta key, become a fan of Ladies of Leet on Facebook by March 5th and be entered for a random drawing for a free beta key & awesome Starcraft 2 sweat bands from Blizzcon 2008!

The code for Darksiders is finally revealed! You get a digital Hellbook disc featuring Darksiders art, videos, and a free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla for either Xbox 360 or PS3. The offer is only available to US residents and ends March 7, 2010. Shipping and handling not included.

If you don’t have the Darksider code you can still get Red Faction: Guerrilla for free. Pre-order Metro 2033, get free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Rare Nintendo Entertainment System game sells for $13,105, originally put on eBay for 99 Cents.

More DLC for Borderlands & Assassin’s Creed 2 – The Bonfire Of The Vanities.

Cool game suggestion from listener SpaceBeets: Eye of Judgement – Unique use of PlayStation Eye creates an interesting mix of real card battling and onscreen action.

WoW Talk
Lunar Festival is in full swing and is lasting 3 weeks this year!
Looks like the production of the Upper Deck’s Wow TCG will be no more as of the end of March because of the decline in sales over the years.

Game Release Highlights
Heavy Rain for PS3 only – coming out on 2/23/2010 – genre: Adventure
Dante’s Inferno for PSP – coming out on 3/1/2010 – genre: Adventure
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for PC PS3 XBox 360 – coming out on 3/2/2010 – genre: FPS
House MD for MAC, PC & DS – coming to computers in Feb, DS in April – genre: Adventure Puzzle

Bargain Buys & iPhone games
Direct2Drive is having a sale on Star Trek Online for $10 off till Feb 25th.
And here is Francis ranting about Wow, Star Trek Online & Modern Warriors 2 (aka Modern Warfare 2 :)

We have an iPhone game suggestion from listener Rachelle called Alternate. You can get it in the iTunes Store for 99 cents.

Also don’t forget to become a fan of the Ladies of Leet Facebook page by March 5th and get entered for a random drawing for a Beta Key for Starcraft 2 (plus some sweet Starcraft 2 sweat bands) and check out Turpster & Mike’s new podcast called The Incredible Podcast!

Download Direct

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Win a StarCraft 2 Beta Key

Posted on 21 February 2010 by nicole

Yep you heard right. I have an extra beta key from the BlizzCon 2008 card (mount code was used) so I’m giving it out to a lucky listener of LoL! Not to mention some sweet SC 2 sweat bands!

So what do you have to do? It’s simple really, just sign up as a fan of Ladies of Leet on Facebook and you’ll be automatically entered. I’ll pick a random fan (using and will send you the code and sweat bands. You have until March 5th to sign up.

Good luck!!

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Episode 11 – Tomato Biscuit

Posted on 08 February 2010 by nicolespag

In Episode 11 of LoL we discuss Mass Effect 2, MAG, Torchlight, Monopoly, Critter Crunch, Darksiders & of course WoW.

Gaming News/Buzz
Could the iPad have an impact on gaming; especially casual gaming.
Free MMO’s like Free Realms & N.E.O. Online are plentiful
We discuss gaming commercials during the Super Bowl
Free LBP PSP & PS3 Costume available for limited time

WoW Talk
‘Love is in the Air’ Valentine’s Day has started in WoW and they’ve added new stuff! Love boats in UC, a boss in SFK with a chance to drop a rocket mount!
Rumors about when Blizzcon is happening
Jay Mohr will host once again (via Twitter)
Paid subscirption fee for Auction House access through Armory?

Game Release Highlights
For the week of Feb 7, 2010

Bargain Buys & iPhone games
If your into War games Steam is having 66% off till 2/15
Toys R Us: Buy 3 get 4th free! PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. buy 2 Xbox 360 Platinum titles get 3rd free. (Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect, Left4Dead) Both deals end Feb. 13th
We have an iPhone game suggestion from listener Matt called Alien Glyphs. You can get it in the iTunes Store for $1.99

Download Direct

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Valentine’s day – World of Warcraft Style

Posted on 07 February 2010 by nicolespag

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