Category: Video

Apr 28

I have a Sess Crush

Adam speaks the truth here! Plus he’s kind of sexy when he rubs his belly ;) Video Game – E3 2010

Apr 05

Revisiting Sessler’s Soapbox

Even though Adam Sessler recorded this back in 2008, I still agree with everything he says here. It’s a great watch if you haven’t seen it already and since we

Mar 21

New Documentary -The Raid

I cannot wait for this documentary!!! Just the previews alone makes me smile. If you’re interested in supporting this project check out Kevin’s Kickstart page for more info.

Mar 01

Fixing the World with Online Games

I simply love Jane McGonigal’s outlook on gaming and how it can make us better people! Sign up to play her new game Evoke starting on March 3rd!

Feb 07

Valentine’s day – World of Warcraft Style

Jan 29


My friend _Funk always seems to find the funniest stuff on the internet and then sends it to me, where it then gets stuck in my head until I watch

Jan 24

Women & The Video Game Industry

This is a perfect video discussing women not just playing video games but being part of them too.

Jan 07

Ever been PWN’D? There is help

My friend _funk was kind enough to let me know about this video and it is hilarious! I think we’ve all felt this way when going into a new game.

Nov 18

Little Big Planet for the PSP

I’ve really been looking forward to this release and it’s finally here. From the video it looks like it will be a very similar game play as the console version

Nov 15

Borderlands Expansion: Zombieland!

OK so that might not be the actual name of the content but it sure sounds fun