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LoL – Episode 28 – The World (of Warcraft) is Changing

Posted on 17 October 2010 by nicolespag

This week we discuss Medal of Honor, Civilization 5, Assassins Creed Brotherhood (beta), Cut the Rope and World of Warcraft

Medal of Honor – Nicole, Stephanie: Rent It; Kim: Buy It

WoW Talk

Patch 4.0.1 has been released and the world has begun to change for Cataclysm

A new cinematic was release on Sunday giving us a peek into the new expansion

Bargain Buys!

Big Brain Wolf Now Available on Mac + 50% off to Oct 22nd

Back to the Future trilogy Blu-ray includes voucher for free episode of Telltale’s game

Angry Birds launches on Android for free [update: on Android Market now]

iphone/ipad game Cut the Rope: Lite Version is Free

Gaming News

Netflix is coming to Playstation 3 without disc

First “Babysitting Mama” trailer emerges from the womb

OnLive supporting overseas play and is no longer subscription based.

They’re making Uncharted into a movie! And Nathan Fillion wants to play Nathan Drake!

iPhone & iPad coming to Verizon…finally

Game Release Highlights

Kirby’s Epic Yarn Released on Oct 17 for Wii
Fallout New Vegas Released on Oct 19 for PC, PS3 & Xbox
RDR Undead Nightmare Released on Oct 26th for PS3 & Xbox
Lego Universe Released on Oct 26th for PC & Mac
Fable 3 Released on Oct 26th for Xbox & PC
RockBand 3 Released on Oct 26th for Xbox, PS3, DS & Wii

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