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Mar 06

LoL – Episode 36 – Better Safe Than Sorry Mode

This week we discuss Killzone 3, Stacking, Dance Central, Bejeweled 3, Puppetshow & more!

Feb 22

LoL – Episode 35 – All About the Cute

This week we discuss LBP2, Minecraft, Rift, Dead Space 2 & more!

Feb 06

LoL – Episode 34 – Becoming the Next Legend

This week we discuss <a target="_blank" href="">DC Universe Online</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">StarCraft 2 Mods</a>, Dungeon Raid, <a target="_blank" href="">Mass Effect 2</a> & <a target="_blank" href="">World of Warcraft</a>.

Jan 10

LoL – Episode 33 – Welcome to Twenty Eleven

This week we discuss Dance Central, Your Shape, Kinect Adventures, Fable 3, Move, Professor Layton, Fallout 3, Crystal Portal, Jenga & WoW

Dec 16

LoL – Episode 32 – A Great Year of Gaming

This week we discuss the release of <a target="_blank" href="">World of Warcraft: Cataclysm</a>! We also recapped the year and discussed some of their favorite (and not so favorite) games of

Aug 06

1 Players Experience of OnLive

As mentioned in Episode 23 of LoL we received a great individual review from robodude666 about the new service OnLive. Instead of trying to cram his review into the show