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LoL – Episode 25 – Visiting the Past

Posted on 26 August 2010 by nicolespag

Sorry everyone, this week episode had technical issues in the second half of the show. I was able to save most of the show and added in the ending in post edit. I guess you’re not a podcaster till you loose a show :(

In this week’s episode we are discussing Fallout 3, Shank, StarCraft 2, Puzzle Quest 2 & the new DLC for Red Dead Redemption.

Fallout 3 – Nicole, Kim: Buy It; Stephanie: Rent It (she’s prefers Borderlands :)
PuzzleQuest 2 – Kim: Buy It
Shank – Nicole: Download Demo (warning the game is very mature) You can also get the full game soundtrack for FREE!
Stand O’Food – Stephanie: Buy It

Bargain Buys!

Free iphone OS4 game Juggle Monsters
Plain Sight is only $2 till today!
Hello Kitty Online Premium edition: $19.99
Stephanie found the greatest app for the iPad – not a game but a book. The Pedlar Lady. $4.99

Gaming News

From TechCrunch – Could Angry Birds be getting a line of toys and possibly a movie? We hope so!!
Angry Birds is also coming to PSN & PSP (soon)
The 2nd season of Ultimate Gamer is out on SyFy. You can find the 1st & 2nd season on Hulu & YouTube.

From Wired.com a judge allows gamer to sue for MMO addiction.
New DLC for DeathSpank was announced called Thongs of Virtue coming out Sept 22 & 23, 2010.
Mass Effect 2 is finally coming to the PS3 in Jan 2011

WoW Talk

WoW Collector’s Edition details released and will be $80. New pet will be a little Deathwing
The Blizzcon Pet has been announced

Game Release Highlights
Mafia II for PS3, PC & Xbox Live – genre: Historic Action Adventure – Released Aug 24, 2010
Metroid: Other M for Wii – genre: Scifi Action Adventure – Released Aug 31, 2010
Wii Mystery Party Game – genre: Puzzle Mystery – Released Aug 31, 2010

Video Game Quiz!
We discussed a new documentary called “The Raid” a few episode back and it looks like it’s ready for screening. In fact, “The Raid” will be hosting a pre-screening event on October 23rd after the closing of Blizzcon and we (and a few others :) have your tickets to the event! So if you are 21+ years old & going to be at Blizzcon or LA area and would like to attend the screening, all you have to do is answer what video game the music we played at the end of episode 25. Send us an email at contest @ ladiesofleet.com with the answer. We will pick the winners randomly from the people who entered & secure your place to this awesome event!

Nicole, Kim & Stephanie will be giving out LoL stickers (thanks StickyLife!) at DragonCon in September, but if you can’t make it, you can also buy them at Nicole & Marc’s store they set up for their other site The Wood Whisperer. Check out StickyLife if you are looking to get your very own awesome stickers made. Use the discount code LADIESOFLEET and you will get 25% off your entire order!

Be a Part of the Show!

Give us a call on our voicemail line at 623-252-4263 or send us a mp3!

Follow Ladies of Leet on twitter! Nicole at nicolespag, Kim at randysmolly & Stephanie at xiaxian1.

Ladies of Leet is proud to be part of the Frogpants Network! For more exciting shows like Final Score & Comics Coast to Coast, visit Frogpants.com!!!!

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