Tag: video games

Sep 04

DragonCon 2014 Video Game Cosplay WrapUp

You know we saw some amazing video game cosplay this year at DragonCon and just had to share it with you!

Jan 21

LOL – Ep 45 – This IS the ‘droid you are looking for!

Apps with Eileen Rivera and SW:ToR talk!

Dec 19

LOL – Ep 43 – Kill Well and Kill Often

Now with 100% more Skyrim & Veronica Belmont!

Dec 03

LOL – Ep 42 – Video Games Makes Babies

This week the ladies, with special guest Jocelyn (GISgamer) talk about <a href="">Skyrim</a>, <a href="">Zelda: Skyward Sword</a><a href="">d</a>, <a href="">Assassin's Creed</a> and <a href="">Catherine.</a>

Sep 19

LoL – Episode 26 – Those Turlets ain’t Gonna Clean Themselves

We discuss Mafia 2, Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions, Halo Reach, Amenesia: The Dark Desecnt, & Tropico 3

Sep 07

LoL Special – I’ll have the DragonCon Special

Since all 3 of the ladies were attending Dragoncon this year, we thought we forgo our regular show and bring you some of the fun

Aug 26

LoL – Episode 25 – Visiting the Past

In this week's episode we are discussing <a target="_blank" href="">Fallout 3</a>, Shank, <a target="_blank" href="">StarCraft 2</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Puzzle Quest 2</a> & the new DLC for <a target="_blank" href="">Red Dead

Aug 09

LoL – Episode 24 – StarCraft 2 Stress

In this week's episode we are discussing <a target="_blank" href="">StarCraft 2</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Kane & Lynch 2</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Rachet & Clank: A Crack In Time</a> and a new iPhone

Jul 31

LoL – Episode 23 – Flaming Purple Thong

We discuss <a target="_blank" href="">Deathspank</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Little Big Planet 2</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">DC Universe Online</a> & more Comic-Con goodness!

Jul 11

Episode 22 – Dude, Don’t Touch My Toons

We discuss Singularity, Puzzle Agent, Playstation Plus and all the wonderful games we got from the awesome Steam sale!