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Win a StarCraft 2 Beta Key

Posted on 21 February 2010 by nicole

Yep you heard right. I have an extra beta key from the BlizzCon 2008 card (mount code was used) so I’m giving it out to a lucky listener of LoL! Not to mention some sweet SC 2 sweat bands!

So what do you have to do? It’s simple really, just sign up as a fan of Ladies of Leet on Facebook and you’ll be automatically entered. I’ll pick a random fan (using and will send you the code and sweat bands. You have until March 5th to sign up.

Good luck!!

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  1. atman Says:

    Hi. Betas will be given again in a week or so.. untill march blizzard would have every1 that wants beta in beta – Heroes of Newerth example, i had invites all the time, and i knew how they were precious, now i have extra 6. in just two – three months.
    Dont get me wrong, i will sign up , due to the circumsances, still my mail : is avalabile here in case u or anyone is willing to show kindness to a guy that spent 4 hours on the internet so far with only 2 smoks lol. – hope anyone shows pity on me , even though i tend not to for the world :((((

  2. NicoleSpag Says:

    I actually turned in an extra beta code just 2 days ago and got the SC 2 beta code today (via email). So whoever wins will get a true SC 2 beta code :D

  3. atman Says:

    Done, im now a fan of LADIES OF LEET . can u pls random now :) :P

  4. Kichelle Says:

    Fingers crossed!!!

  5. Ethan Says:

    Nicole, you are the closest from beta that i can to beta, so i will give you my vote :)

  6. Molly Says:

    :D good luck everyone!

  7. Mashiem Says:

    Perhaps a stupid question, but I’ll still be in the draw if I was listed as fan BEFORE this competition, right?
    By the way, will you contact the winner through Facebook? Just wondering because I have a very different name there and suspect many other do. ;)

  8. nicolespag Says:

    Not stupid at all. Everyone that is a fan on the facebook page (new and old) will be in the running for the code. I’ll just message the winner through facebook. Trying to make it easy on everyone :)

  9. atman Says:

    we all are looking forward to march 5th. still, its hard since Blizzard actually stopped time with the beta keys. Anyway, gj on your ideea. Still i was the 1st, i get +points in random roll :P -kidding.

  10. nicolespag Says:

    ya i registered one of my codes yesterday for the beta yesterday. I assumed if you had the beta key you would get in. I can’t imagine the ppl that are paying for the code on ebay. At least this way you don’t loose anything, plus you get some sweet sweat bands ;)

  11. Kollz Says:

    What happens if someone who doesnt even have an idea about Starcraft wins the key? :D I mean do all of the fans play SC? :D

  12. NicoleSpag Says:

    nice try ;) If someone wins that doesn’t play SC I’m sure they will make someone they know very very happy.

  13. Kollz Says:

    Yeah true that. Didn’t mean to be mean but I just don’t like the idea of your nice gift being sold on ebay for couple hundred bucks. I hope it goes to a real SC fan :P

  14. nicolespag Says:

    oh I didnt think you were being mean :) I hope it goes to a real SC fan too!

  15. n0m3rcY Says:

    hoooowdyyyy what a nice contest =)
    <3 to get the keey^^

    but gl to all :)

    nicole u rock!!!


  16. brian cruz Says:

    i realy realy want a beta code:( iv tried evorything and nothing worked. im broke and cant get 60 bucks to preorder the game to get the key so im all out of luck:( iv played starcraft since i was 7 years old i was born in the year the first game came out.i realy realy want one AND ILL DO ANYTHING FOR IT!

  17. nicolespag Says:

    Hey Brian,

    Sorry to say we gave this away months ago :( Wishing you luck on your hunt.


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