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Wind Rider and Gryphon Hatchling – Now on sale in Blizzard Store

Posted on 22 February 2010 by nicolespag

These have got to be some of the cutest little guys I have ever seen! Not only do you get the cute little plushie, but an in-game code for a matching non-combat pet!  Which one will you buy?  Maybe both?

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  1. Iceflow Says:

    My husband I each bought both of these so fast that it made Blizzard’s Head spin ;)

  2. randysmolly Says:

    hee hee, I only got the Wind Rider right now, but just might have to get the Gryphon hatchling as well!

  3. Ebonstaff Says:

    Just bought the Windrider yesterday “for the kids.” Can’t wait till it gets in so my mage and warlock can have a flying mate. AIE FTW!

  4. Mike Boyd Says:

    Both look really cute, I might pick them up someday.

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