Ladies of Leet Blog Best Ladies o’ fLeet Moment & Chance to win a Steam Game!

Best Ladies o’ fLeet Moment & Chance to win a Steam Game!

We’ve reached level 50! Woot! Share with us your best/favorite Ladies of Leet moment from the past 50 episodes and you will be placed into a drawing for a Steam Game of your choice (up to $60).  Just leave a comment on this post by Friday 18 May and we will announce it on the next show.

Just a little thank you to all our fans for your support over the years and sticking with us through all the changes!

21 thoughts on “Best Ladies o’ fLeet Moment & Chance to win a Steam Game!”

  1. One of my favorite moments from The Ladies is from episode 41. It was the winning entries from the win Arkham Asylum game contest. Every time I see that entry from Steven M I laugh.

    “Whatever Batman uses to summon a cloud of bats at will.

    Because if abusing a handful of endangered rabies-riddled airborne rodents for personal defence (and lulz) is wrong…I don’t want to be ri…OH GOD THEY’RE IN MY HAIR! GETTEMOFF GETTEMOF….

    *transmission lost*”

    1. You win! We all like when Nicole says stuff, the show was boring without her :)

  2. I like the part where Renee Valentine was on the podcast. She is so hot and I wonder if she’ll leave that lame guy and come to me!

    My other favorite part is more of when Stephanie was so angry with the folks at Rift because they didn’t have a Mac Client and she said she wouldn’t play it until there is one, even to the point where she wouldn’t buy the little plugin app to play it. Then like a couple episodes later she was talking how awesome the game was. I love that part because she “sacrificed” her stance in order for us listeners to know what her experience is as a Mac user playing Rift. Even though we all know Mac isn’t a gaming system!

    /quickly runs off before Stephanie bashes me.

    Keep it up ladies much love!
    Caoboi a.k.a J Valentine from the ValentineCast

  3. So many good memories to talk about. One of my favorites were when the girls were talking about Uncharted 2. This is what made me get into the Uncharted series. It’s one of the best series that I’ve ever played and I can’t imagine not playing it. And yes, girls, that voice actor…whoooo /fans herself.

  4. Although it is not one specific moment, I love the refereneces to killing your neighbors in sims. I remember being trapped in computer class with only the sims and oregon trail to keep me company. You can only die of dysentery so many times before you get bored and decide to give the ‘girly’ game a try. Murdering sims in new and interesting ways kept me entertained for countless hours. It is nice to know that:

    a) I am not the only one who enjoys that aspect of the game.
    b) it is not about girly games and guy games, it’s about gamers and non-gamers.

    Taking something (gaming) and making it fun is the soul of ‘LOL’ and that is why I love the podcast so much.

  5. To tell the truth, my favorite moment was the inception of the LoL podcast. It was really exciting to come across a podcast created by three hilarious ladies, around my age, who love video games just as much as I do. How awesome! :) It’s been nothing but fun since day one.

    A big thank you and congratulations to Nicole, Stephanie and Kim. Here’s to the next 50 episodes!!

  6. Not a specific moment but I loved all the Fallout talk (this happened a lot!). Previously I hated Fallout 3 as I just couldn’t get into it. After listening to a few episodes of praise for this game I reinstalled 3 and completed it in a few weeks and them immediately bought New Vegas and completed that.

    Such a great couple of games.

  7. I’m a huge fan of the series of episodes when you all talked about Red Dead Redemption. Even though I never played the game, the love and excitement that was shown for the game was very special and fun to hear.

  8. I have loved all the episodes since I discovered the podcast. My favorite part is when you were talking about romancing your companions in Dragon Age 2. I have also enjoyed all the Skyrim talk.

  9. I’m a late-comer to the series but started with episode one several months and have been listening nonstop to catch up. My favorite parts are when you gals talk about your newb moments, as I can usually relate to those and also the stories of how someone stayed up all night playing a game, (usually Nicole) as that’s happened to me as well.
    Thanks for a great podcast!

  10. Honestly episode 1. It was so refreshing to hear a female point of view on gaming that wasn’t been spoon fed from a teleprompter. LoL broke a lot of ground for honest to goodness female gamers to be loud and proud. I still point to LoL as one of my favorite podcasts for that reason. Plus I mean seriously on of the funniest podcasts of all time, often not on purpose :).

  11. I loved the part where I got to play Mass Effect 3 multi-player with Kim and with Adam from the Cantina Band podcast. I forgot for a brief time that I wasn’t listening to a podcast while playing, I was actually able to talk. That was weird. And awesome. And the show is awesome too!

  12. For some reason, I have no idea why, but waaay back at the start I remember you talking about the ‘Professor Layton’ games. I remember one of you (going to have to find the episode now!) saying that you skipped the stories and just did the puzzles, and I remember actually yelling at my computer ‘But you are missing the point!’

    lol, no idea why that sticks out so much, but it does! Looking back, it’s a really funny moment to me and makes me laugh when I think of it. :)

  13. My best part is when you talked about Killzone 3 and all the classes that you can choose and weapons etc. That podcast make me bought a PS3 and Killzone 3 of course. I still love playing it. I also like when you present ios games. I am a true pc gamer but likes casual games on my ipad. Thank you for all the recommandations.

  14. best Ladies of Leet moment was when the ladies talk about stuff. I could listen to that for hours. All fifty of them.

  15. My favorite lol moment was when Nicole went into labor. Thought it was really cool how many listeners and other podcasts were supportive and concerned. Like one big tech family

  16. Greetings Ladies,

    Difficult just to find one fav moment but I will be going with the short and brief dissussion of Skyrim that lasted through 4+ podcasts. So is Farkas still cooking hot meals when you return home?

    Congrats on the big 50!

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