Ladies of Leet Blog Disney’s TOS – Don’t mess with the mouse!

Disney’s TOS – Don’t mess with the mouse!

Disney had always stood for family friendly entertainment, and this extends into their online games as well. They recently added a feature that monitors chat and can detect the use of bad language and will suspend the account after 2 warnings.They have pretty standard Terms of Service (TOS), but this added feature makes these much easier to enforce.  It also makes it much safer for kids and the parents don’t have to monitor every second of their game play.  Another feature that they enforce is that you cannot use numbers in the chat.  This discourages the sharing of personal things like phone numbers and street addresses.

I was recently playing Pirates of the Caribbean Online with my husband and decided that I would have some fun with him.  We are the only 2 in our guild and wrote some “embarrassing” although benign things. When I looked over on his screen, that line did not show up, so I tried it again, several times.  I finally figured out that it must be a violation of their chat rules.

Today, I got an email from Disney:
Dear kimmi8992,

Our records indicate that there may have been a violation of our Terms
of Use connected to your account, outlined in the chat log below:
18:29:01 : dude, I want your pants off
18:29:04 : I want your pants off
18:30:01 : I want you to take off your pants
18:30:03 : pants off
18:30:03 : pants
18:30:03 : off
18:30:03 : now

Please be aware that violations of the Disney Online Terms of Use and/or House Rules can
lead to disciplinary action, such as a hold being placed on your account.
Remember that anything that might be frowned upon while at a Walt Disney Theme Park would
also be frowned upon in our games and sites. Keep it clean and be sure not
to share personal information online. For more information on internet safety and manners,
please visit our netiquette page at
Thank you,

As an officer in the largest guild in World of Warcraft, I couldn’t imagine how helpful this would be!


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  1. I lol’d @ the chat log.
    ..I guess you can’t /spit then either since my brother nearly got booted from Disneyland for drooling out the window of the Gondola.

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