Ladies of Leet Blog Dragon*Con or Bust!

Dragon*Con or Bust!

So we are almost to Dragon*Con and a lot of you are asking if we are going to have a meetup. Well technically we’re not, but we are fans of podcasts just like you, so we can tell you where you might find us while at Dragon*Con. One of the first places you might be able to find a lady is at the shared TWiT/Sword & Laser/Frogpants table in the Hilton near the podcasting, space, science, and skeptics stuff. So if you come by the table Friday-Monday you may see some of the following awesome podcasters: Tom Merritt, Veronica Belmont, Brian Dunaway, Brian Ibbott, Len Peralta, Brian Bushwood, Jonathan Strickland and of course Stephanie, Kim & myself. The ladies will have stickers & buttons for anyone who would like to leave with a little swag :)

There is also a pretty big TWiT / Sword and Laser crossover meetup that’s in the works for Saturday the 4th, from 6pm-8pm, at the Westin’s Sun Dial Bar. The ladies will be attending this fun event as well! To help get a better idea of how many people might be going there, you can RSVP over on Goodreads.

As we know more about events I’ll be updating this post! Safe travels to everyone & we are looking forward to a great Dragon*Con!

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  1. It was great meeting you guys! Glad you made it to DragonCon! You guys make my girlfriend more comfortable liking video games! hehe

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