Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast Episode 12 – It’s Fun To Be Scared

Episode 12 – It’s Fun To Be Scared

In Episode 12 of LoL we discuss Bioshock 2, Starcraft 2, Mass Effect 2 & of course WoW.

Gaming News/Buzz
Turn in your Blizzcon ’08 beta key for Starcraft 2. They are going for up to $350 on Ebay! And if you don’t have a beta key, become a fan of Ladies of Leet on Facebook by March 5th and be entered for a random drawing for a free beta key & awesome Starcraft 2 sweat bands from Blizzcon 2008!

The code for Darksiders is finally revealed! You get a digital Hellbook disc featuring Darksiders art, videos, and a free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla for either Xbox 360 or PS3. The offer is only available to US residents and ends March 7, 2010. Shipping and handling not included.

If you don’t have the Darksider code you can still get Red Faction: Guerrilla for free. Pre-order Metro 2033, get free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Rare Nintendo Entertainment System game sells for $13,105, originally put on eBay for 99 Cents.

More DLC for Borderlands & Assassin’s Creed 2 – The Bonfire Of The Vanities.

Cool game suggestion from listener SpaceBeets: Eye of Judgement – Unique use of PlayStation Eye creates an interesting mix of real card battling and onscreen action.

WoW Talk
Lunar Festival is in full swing and is lasting 3 weeks this year!
Looks like the production of the Upper Deck’s Wow TCG will be no more as of the end of March because of the decline in sales over the years.

Game Release Highlights
Heavy Rain for PS3 only – coming out on 2/23/2010 – genre: Adventure
Dante’s Inferno for PSP – coming out on 3/1/2010 – genre: Adventure
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for PC PS3 XBox 360 – coming out on 3/2/2010 – genre: FPS
House MD for MAC, PC & DS – coming to computers in Feb, DS in April – genre: Adventure Puzzle

Bargain Buys & iPhone games
Direct2Drive is having a sale on Star Trek Online for $10 off till Feb 25th.
And here is Francis ranting about Wow, Star Trek Online & Modern Warriors 2 (aka Modern Warfare 2 :)

We have an iPhone game suggestion from listener Rachelle called Alternate. You can get it in the iTunes Store for 99 cents.

Also don’t forget to become a fan of the Ladies of Leet Facebook page by March 5th and get entered for a random drawing for a Beta Key for Starcraft 2 (plus some sweet Starcraft 2 sweat bands) and check out Turpster & Mike’s new podcast called The Incredible Podcast!


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4 thoughts on “Episode 12 – It’s Fun To Be Scared”

  1. Hey Molly! I’m listening to the episode and hear you talk about Mollysaint. I just got my priest to 80 this week (he hit 60 the week before WotLK went live) and my advice for leveling post-70 is RANDOM DUNGEON FINDER. There’s very little downtime as a healer, you get plenty of practice party healing, you gear up quickly, you accumulate plenty of Emblems of Triumph, and the leveling is very quick.

    A couple of days after hitting 80 I was comfortable stepping into Onyxia’s Lair with you folks feeling like I could contribute. A couple of days later, I’ve equipped my first Tier 9 piece with the emblems I’ve saved up.

  2. Thanks Stigg – I haven’t had much practice at all healing in parties so that is a great idea.

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