Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast Episode 15 – Blow My Mojo

Episode 15 – Blow My Mojo

We discuss Just Cause 2, We Rule, Shutter Island, God of War III, The Creeps, Depict, Ace Attorney, Pocket Legends & Plants vs Zombies HD

Gaming News/Buzz
Paying to play with female gamers who are then rated on their flirtiness and hotness. Really?
What type of Female Gamers are you? Great statistics that shatter myths.
PAX Boston Video Game Convention not a ‘Boys Club’
Serious Gamers turning their nose up to the new Sony Motion Controls

WoW Talk
Are you a WoW wife or have a wife or girlfriend that plays WoW? You have to check out this WoW comic?

Game Release Highlights
Mass Effect 2: Kasumi’s Stolen Memor DLC – April 6, 2010 for PC & Xbox 360 – genre: RP
Satisfashion – April 8, 2010 for Wii – genre: Virtual Life. You can try this game out on the PC first
Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse 5 part series – starts April 15, 2010 for PC & Mac & PSN – genre: Adventure

Bargain Buys & iPhone games
Depict for Free on iPhone
We Rule for Free on iPhone & iPad
The Creeps for 1.99 on iPhone & 3.99 on iPad
Angry Birds for 0.99
50% off of Borderlands on Steam the weekend of April 3-4th

We also have 2 iphone app recommendations from Matt: First is TerroRats, a puzzle action game where you collect and clear rats from the desert. The twist: the rats have bombs in their hands! The second is LiveSketch and Matt sent us a really cool representation of our logo created via the app. Thanks Matt!

Also don’t forget! Meet us at Nerdtacular on May 8th in Salt Lake City!

Give us a call on our voicemail line at 623-252-4263


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7 thoughts on “Episode 15 – Blow My Mojo”

    I’m sorry,I just couldn’t let this go.It been eating me up since I heard it.
    Sam & Max=Cute is like saying Ren & Stimpy=Cute.

    Instead of arguing this,just follow this link ladies
    Oh,and Max is a lagomorph,not a bunny,and is also a psycho,not a psychic.
    Hope you don’t take offense to my outburst of knowledge(on the subject of Sam and Max that is :P)

    1. LOL no offense taken :) I knew there are others who know the Sam & Max story way better than I do, so I’m glad you wrote a comment.

      btw Ren & Stimpy are cute too ;)

  2. With regards to the WoW battleground discussion, With the amount of people the ability to have multiple servers in a BG I think it stands to reason that they could bring over the SC2 division system and have a bronze, silver, and gold league in max-level games. This would hopefully get the most of the people who are aggressive to lower level players, as well as limit the amount of anger due to unfair matches.
    I think it could easily work just to port over the whole system and let people group up before hand, then select the map(s) they wan’t to queue for and allow for them to easily get in to BG’s and arenas.

  3. Hi ladies, love the podcast. WoW is a game that I have always been curious about but have never taken the time to play. I am wanting to give it go but don’t know the best way to begin as I have no experience with MMOs. I probably won’t play long term, I just want to get a good feel for what it is all about. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated esp with respect to the choice of faction, race, realm etc
    Thanks heaps and keep up the fantastic work :)

    1. hey neo!

      This is a great question and I’m actually going to have us discuss this on the next show :) I think all 3 of us might have some useful suggestions for you.

  4. Erin and Kristin are the hosts of Manic Mommies. I thought that review was very funny since the two podcasts have nothing in common except that both are hosted by women. :)

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