Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast LoL – Ep 16 – Do you really want to rent this game?

LoL – Ep 16 – Do you really want to rent this game?

We review Prison Break (the game), Need for Speed: Shift, Battlefield Bad Company 2, GodFinger, Rush Hour, MiniGore, Pocket Legends, Peggle, Plain Sight & Madballs.

Review of Prison Break: Kim – Skip it; Stephanie – Skip it
Review of Battlefield Bad Company 2: Nicole – Buy it

Gaming News/Buzz
Video games on demand? Play any game with no downloads or installs You can pre register for it now, release date is June 17, 2010 for Mac or PC
* The first qualified 25,000 users who successfully register for OnLive’s Game Service will have the monthly Service Fee waived for the first 3 months of usage. The monthly service fee is currently $14.95

Are the BioShock MMO rumors true? How about a Bioshock movie?!?

We discuss if a video game can be art?

WoW Talk
Cataclysm Class Preview: Paladin
Cataclysm Class Preview: Hunter
Cataclysm Class Preview: Shaman

New Mount: Celestial Steed and little XT in the blizzard pet store. As announced in the show we are giving away a Celestial Steed Mount! Just add a comment to this post and say what you would name your mount. Stephanie will pick a winner for our next show! Good Luck!

We got a great email from Stephan and he told us about a battlegrounds group called qq premades.

Game Release Highlights
Nier for PS3 & Xbox 360 – genre: Action Role Play – Released April 27, 2010
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction on PC & Xbox 360 – genre: Action Adventure – Released April 27, 2010
The Whispered World for PC – genre: point & click adventure – Released April 26, 2010
Dead to Rights: Retribution for PS3 & Xbox 360 – genre: Shooter – Released April 27, 2010
Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake for PSP – genre: action game where you have to rescue the princess from the castle – Released May 4, 2010

Thanks to Molsan from Molsan Method for the great bumper he did for us at the top of the show! We think you’re pretty sweet too ;)

Also don’t forget! Meet us at Nerdtacular on May 8th in Salt Lake City!

Give us a call on our voicemail line at 623-252-4263

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111 thoughts on “LoL – Ep 16 – Do you really want to rent this game?”

  1. I will name him George, and I will love him and love him and pet him and pet him. And when he does a bad thing, I will stroke his fur the wrong way.

  2. Think I posted my wrong :P and I see mine is taken so heres my new entry:
    “Invincible Place Holder” :D

  3. Hello!

    If selected, I would call the mount Bumble Boo, because I would be giving it to my girlfriend (one of her many nicknames) who will be starting to play wow with me at the end of our tremendously stressful semester next week!

    Thanks for the show and the little contest. Take Care!

  4. I think this might be a bad or a pit cliche but I will name him peguases but to add some humor sir poops a star hmm hope it’s not too immature

  5. I shall name my pretty pony “Chloe Sparklehooves” since that’s the name of the My Little Pony I had as a child.

  6. I would call it Piebutt, named after my daughter’s favorite “My Little Pony” figure, which has what can only be described as a tattoo of a piece of pie on its rear flank. Hence…Piebutt.

  7. With respect to the girls are always healers discussion I have a few remarks. As a male healer I don’t really get it. Healing for me has always been a more challenging and fun experience. When I ran with my guild I would constantly get crap for playing a healer, but that was just the type of guild it was and because I play a female Nelf. I suppose it doesn’t matter when I can basically choose what and who I want to run with and its just become a sort of WoW cultural thing to do.

    As I mentioned before I do play a Nelf called Moonwisher. The i was going to name her Wellwisher after the Magic: the Gathering card but that was taken and my thought process basically went, “hey Night elves like the moon right? …sure.” My guild mates came to call me Moon for short and since then I have used the Moon theme on all of my characters and have a low level Draenei named Moonmanstan and have reserved Moonhowler for my eventual Worgen. I thought I would carry that theme in to my entry in the Celestial Steed contest.

    After much internal debate I think I have settled on Moon Beam. I should mention that due to my college schedule I don’t have much time to play these days and think it would be better enjoyed by someone who could give it daily use.

    A tremendous show as always and thanks for reading.

    1. Totally agree with you. Healing is hard. I have had a few priests, but I really prefer DPS. I know many great guy healers, I think the misconception of girls are always healers are is the same that girls are always hunters. oh, wait, I am a hunter. :D

  8. I named mine “They be hatin, I be riding”.

    P.S. I bought mine, don’t want to be in the contest, just LOVE you gals.

  9. Hi, I’m Glow and I’m a Shadowpriest! I would *love* a starry mount to turn all shadow-y and fancy.

    If I won? I’d name her Glitter. We could be Glitter and Glow! *_*

    Thanks, Ladies!

  10. I would name it Steve. It needs a butch name to make up for being a fairysparkly mount.

  11. Yay! Just started listening from episode 1 last week and now i am finally caught up, love your show and keep up the good work!
    Oh, if I got a Celestial Steed i would name mine “Sparklester Twinkleton the Shiny”!

  12. I would name mine “Twinkletoes.” My 3 year old would love it!

    You ladies have a great show. My wife and I love listening as it talks to the types of gamers we are. I’m semi-hardcore and she’s pretty casual.

    LoL rock!

  13. What would I name my Celestial Steed? That’s simple. I think we all know that it is made out of concentrated awesome held together and powered by points of light from the brightest star. Turpster is the only name befitting of such a steed!

  14. He would be dubbed “Sparkle McPonykins” and would be the proudest pony of them all!

  15. I would call mine, “Sancho.” Are you Sancho? No, you are not Sancho. Neither is Scott Baio Sancho. Frank Gifford, he is not Sancho…but my pony…

  16. I need this pony . I’m trying to entice my wife back to WOW. If i win I will give her the pony and name it “Stellar”

  17. I would name my twilight sparkle pony Dandruff Bob because all the ones I gave seen keep dropping these big flakes every time they move. And I would wash mine in head and shoulders so that he was flake free.

    Love the show great to here a ladies point of veiw.

  18. The Titan’s givith on to me a winged horse of light and grace…and it shall every be known as the ledgendary “Bob”…so say’s the prophet Jerematic. hehe ;)

  19. Hi again,

    I have already had my turn at naming my steed earlier on but I just wanted to make the comment that I am surprised nobody has chosen “Celeste”!

    After Stephanie read out my question last ep. about getting started in WoW I got stuck in immediately. A week and a half later I have a lvl 33 N.Elf Hunter on the Zul’Jin server and now a lvl 8 B.Elf Priest on Earthen Ring.

    I really think that the name WoW is not an acronym at all, it refers to what you say out loud when you grasp the depth and complexity of this crazy game!

    Looking forward to the next episode :)

    Thanks again,

  20. Thanks for the podcast and great contest. I’m loving the names, especially Sancho and Donkey (I can imagine hacking the sound file to be Shrek’s voice saying “DONKEY!” whenever you mount). I would stick with the astronomic theme and go with Sinistra (Hogwart’s astronomy teacher). Thanks!

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