Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast Episode 19 – Jublisomthing

Episode 19 – Jublisomthing

In this episode we welcome Tempeste from the Bind on Equip podcast. She is also the guild leader of Pants on Head guild and a moderator for the forum The Old Gamers. We also discuss Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake & Portal.

Our final verdict on Red Dead Redemption: Nicole, Kim & Stephanie – BUY IT!
Alan Wake: Nicole – Buy It! (but not if you don’t like to be scared)

Check out the xbox/ps3 comparison

Gaming News/Buzz

Eve had a contest to try and get more women to play. Here are the results

The top 10 finalist have been picked for the E3 Booth Babe

From Yahoo News on May 28th – Researchers find gamers have fewer nightmares

From 5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted

WoW Talk
Now you can create a custom mousepad with your own World of Warcraft character.
World of Warcraft Remote Auction House iPhone app to cost $2.99 a month

Game Release Highlights
Alpha Protocol PC, PS3 & Xbox 360 – genre: RPG – Released June 1, 2010
Green Day: Rock Band PS3 & WII – genre: Music – Released June 8, 2010

Nier tips from Steve

Boring Side Quests
I highly recommend if the side quests are getting you down that you skip most of them and stick to the main quest. The game’s easy enough that you don’t need to grind huge amounts of XP/gold in order to proceed through the main story (which is easily one of the best JRPG stories I’ve ever played through, in my opinion).

If you stick with the game there’s a LOT of weird little rewarding things (like exploring a mansion in a Resident Evil style homage or fighting your way out of a dream in the style of a Choose Your Own Adventure story).

Fishing – A warning
You’re going to hit a rather clunky fishing quest at some point as part of the main story. In the interest of saving your sanity, two tips : one – this is the ONLY compulsory fishing quest in the game. After this you never need to look at it again and two – it isn’t very clear but the beach next to the old man is NOT the place where you need to start fishing. Instead, look for the red cross on your map (it’s in a side cove en-route to the lighthouse). Hopefully that will save you an hour or so of frustration :)

The main character
In the Japanese version, the character is actually younger and the girl is his sister. I actually think the decision to change it to a father/daughter dynamic works MUCH better or the story.

A second play through
When you finish the game (which is actually quite short if you just plow through the main quest) you get to restart “GAME B” from about 2/3 of the way through (at the point where you need to recover all the parts of a key, in typical RPG style).

I HIGHLY recommend playing through the second time because it adds certain scenes and conversations that COMPLETELY twist the story on it’s head. For example, there are a couple of boss battles that are UTTERLY HEARTBREAKING to the point where I wasn’t even sure if I WANTED to win. It’s brilliant.

Sweary Underwear Girl
Oh, and one final thing…it isn’t mentioned in the first play through of the game (and only really hinted at in the second) but the sweary girl in the underwear….well, there’s a reason she’s wearing a JOCK strap ;)

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6 thoughts on “Episode 19 – Jublisomthing”

  1. I’ve been a listener for quite some time but I think this past episode will be my last. The tirade against the female videos and what they were wearing was in really bad taste. Especially one comment stood out along the lines of “we want a generation of smart women not another one of dumb ones”.

    Who the hell are you to judge people based on what they wear?
    Does clevage, short shirt equate low intelligence?
    Maybe ‘that girl deserved to be raped judging from what she was wearing’?

    I was appalled listening to you and how insecure you came across – not judging but slamming women based on what they wore.

    Sickened and for now, unsubscribed.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Jenn. The girls in these videos are being judged in all aspects of their presentation which includes what they were wearing. All but 2 decided that showing as much of their breasts as they could would be the way to get attention. The whole contest was built upon sex appeal and obviously that is what G4 was looking for, especially since they called it a search for a booth babe. If women want to be taken seriously, especially in a male dominated world, then one day they need to be seen for their intelligence and abilities first and their boobs second.

      I do take exception with your comment “Maybe that girl deserved to be raped judging from what she was wearing?” I feel this comment was inappropriate and was totally out of context for the discussion. These girls put themselves out there to be judged by everyone who saw their videos. Judged on what they looked like, what they were wearing and the content they provided. That does not give anyone the right to take any sort of action, like rape, against anyone. Having an opinion does not equate to raping someone and I find it offensive you took it to that extreme.

      1. I really can’t see how you would take offense to anything considering the comment that was made, and supported, on the show about “we don’t want another generation of dumb girls”. Had that been said by a man you would had been all over it.

        Anyway, unsubscribed as I can not relate to this show anymore knowing how you view women and how you are so ready to step all over them (let’s see you’ve insulted the ‘sexy ones’ and the ‘dumb ones’. What’s next – the handicapped?

        1. Sorry to loose you Jenn. I think you’re missing the bigger picture here and that is how G4 is presenting this contest. There are some amazing women in the contest (and I think I said that) but what was frustrating to me is G4 is trying to have the best of both worlds. You either want T&A to sell your games (which is fine) or you want a professional well spoken woman who can present herself in a strong confident manner. G4 from the beginning used the term “Booth Babe” and gamer girl interchangeably. I’m sorry, but when I hear booth babe, I think someone that is only there to show her boobs and butt. And when I hear gamer girl, I think strong confident woman/girl who can hold her own with any man.

          It saddens me that you did take the comment out of context and related it to a comment even mentioning rape. That’s just nuts and it does no one any service to say things like this. I think you have said your peace and we have said ours. The bottom line: I want younger girls to not think they have to resort to becoming a booth babe to get anywhere in the gaming industry.

  2. Nicole,

    I too loved the free Portal download from Steam and was disappointed to hear that it was disabled after the short trial. However, I was happy again after Portal loaded successfully this morning.

    Give it another try, perhaps it was a server problem.



    1. Thanks Joe!! I tried it out last night just for giggles and was so happy to see that my copy worked again! Now I can go get my cake! :)

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