Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast Episode 2: Circle of Wind

Episode 2: Circle of Wind

This is episode 2 of Ladies of Leet. This week Nicole, Kim & Stephanie discuss obtaining the Brewfest Brewmaster title in WoW, playing the first 10 levels of AION, and puzzle game Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. We discuss the new PSP Go, an interesting marketing tactic by Gamestop, the confirmed price drop of the Wii and share some great bargains on games and using to find deals on iPhone apps. In our WoW segment we take a moment to look back at some of our most embarrassing noob moments in World of Warcraft. We’re all friends here right? :)

Mophie and the FastMac Vi were both recommended by a listener as great extender batteries for the iPhone

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7 thoughts on “Episode 2: Circle of Wind”

      1. When you said it, I was thinking to myself, “Where is Thousand Islands? Man, Nicole knows places I’ve never been!”

  1. Look what happens when we start talking! We forget the topics we were supposed to talk about. Does this mean we have to talk more? hahaha

  2. Howdy! Made a mistake in the email — it should be FastMac iV, not FastMac Vi. Sorry!

    Oh yeah, fun show :). Could never have enough salad dressing in your podcast.

  3. So I did see on that you can buy the Wii Sports Remote with 2 Wii motion plus controllers inside. Very cool! May have to get it now.

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