Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast Episode 21 – The Best Bug EVAR!

Episode 21 – The Best Bug EVAR!

In this week’s episode we are discussing ModNation Racers, Red Dead Redemption DLC, Puzzle Quest, & Midsummer Fire Festival in WoW

Gaming News

We talk a little bit about E3 and an article that listener Luthera shared with us. We crossed our fingers that L.A. Noire will come to us sooner vs. later and how the technology used with this game should be a “game changer”

We also have discussed a great article out of Gaming Angels called “A 10 Year Old Boy Made Me Angry” and our own experiences with young people in game.

And even though we admit we are gamers, there are still stigmas out there with the title. Here are just 5 reason why it’s still not cool to admit your a gamer.

WoW Talk

Patch 3.3.5 dropped – New chat and realID – There is a bug in the patch involving 64bit windows machines.

If you are leveling alts or toons don’t forget to do the Midsummer Fire Festival. By honoring and desecrating fires you get some serious XP and gold. For those new to the event does a nice guide to the festival.

Game Release Highlights
Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 for all platforms – genre: Adventure – Released June 29, 2010
Puzzle Quest 2 for Xbox 360 & DS – genre: Puzzle – Released June 30, 2010
Fat Princess DLC for PS3 – genre: Fantasy Adventure – Released June 29, 2010
Singularity for PC, PS3 & X360 – genre: Scifi FPS – Released June 29, 2010

Bargain Buys
Steam is having a HUGE sale every day until July 4. Check the site every day for new deals, along with the bundle deals that will be going on until July 4th.

If you live near Salt Lake City, UT check out Gaming & Electronics Expo on July 16 & 17, 2010

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11 thoughts on “Episode 21 – The Best Bug EVAR!”

    1. Hey Sykopathicfairy! Thanks so much :D It really was a great article and we had a ton of fun talking about it in the show! Thanks for leaving a comment on the site!

  1. One comment I have wanted to make for the longest time is to PLEASE increase the general audio volume of the podcast.
    I have maybe 20+ podcast I subscribe to and this podcast is the only one I can’t listen to on public transport due to it being too quiet.

    Also, please no more Turpster. Yuck :(

    1. Hey Evelyn,

      I’m sorry about the audio I noticed the audio at the top of the show was soft, but your saying it low through the entire show? I’ll take a look at the file. Thanks for the feedback. I honestly didn’t realize so that really does help.

      Sorry you feel that way about Turpster. He really is a dear friend of mine and I love him to pieces.

      Thanks so much for listening to the show!!

      1. Hi and yes actually ALL episodes are on the low side compared to any/most other of my shows. Is there a way to increase the general audio volume? I don’t think it’s on my side as all other shows than this one plays louder. Weird.

  2. DARN YOU HORDECURIOUS AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!…. pffffft, only kidding. :P
    No but seriously good show, keep up the great work. :)

  3. Hi,

    Entertaining show as always.

    If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of games (for use with quizzes,
    etc), is probably your best bet – the whole site is built around a wiki style database with pretty much every game you can think of. You can even sort by things like character, concept, location, etc.

    1. Hey Steven!
      Thanks so much for the suggestion. You can bet I’ll be looking around the site for ideas for the next quiz. I’ve even put in an order for some LoL stickers and I’ve had some pretty awesome t-shirts designed (even some you guys will enjoy wearing I think ;)

      I’ll look into an easier way for our audience that can be with us live to participate so don’t worry and I’ll have all the details up on the site soon!

  4. Good show but I didn’t like the part where you were so in denial about cheating and then called others cheaters. None of your arguments or defenses made any sense.

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the Steam Sale! I ran over and bought PORTAL (I loved the free play) and Flat Out for <25$

    Shout out to the Pack guild on Thorium Brotherhood, best guild in the game.

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