Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast Episode 5 – Too Many Great Games

Episode 5 – Too Many Great Games

There are just too many great games to play right now and we are discussing quite a few of them in this episode. Borderlands, Dragon Age, Uncharted 2, Brutal Legend, WET, Call of Duty: MW2, Silent Hill for iPhone; just to name a few. And of course what’s happening in World of Warcraft.


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One thought on “Episode 5 – Too Many Great Games”

  1. Another great show, girls. Already looking forward to the next one… ;)

    That being said and out of the way, I just want to back up the listener that recommended “Beyond Good & Evil”. It is quite simply one of the best and most entertaining adventure game I have ever played. The story is good with enough twists to keep you from guessing everything, and the gameplay is both varied and perfectly balanced for difficulty.
    The only negative thing is that if you play the PS2 version on a PS3 able to run PS2 games you’ll notice some annoying graphical glitches with the water. Won’t be a problem for most folks, though.

    And while on the topic of great games: Okami!
    This is a must for any Zelda-fan. A wonderful and atmospheric game with the most original visuals I’ve seen. If you value good story it is sure to hook you. Available for both PS2 and Wii (I have the PS2 version).

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