Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast Episode 9 – New Year, New Games

Episode 9 – New Year, New Games

Stephanie is back from holiday and we are jumping right into the new year talking about Assassins Creed 2, Darksiders, Daisy Fuentes – Pilates, Rachet & Clank: Quest for Booty, BioShock & Bayonetta

If your playing Darksiders, don’t forget to use your Mysterious Redemption Code & free weapon code The Hollow Lord

Gaming News/Buzz/WTH

A new report on Ingame advertising has been released. At the same time a judge in Chicago says the Subway system can’t ban violent-game ads.

Target has joined in with companies like GameStop, Best Buy & Barnes and Noble and will now buy back video games.

Sony announced at CES that PS3 3D gaming is coming

Kim found a computer announcement that reminded her of the old Compaq she used to own.

Bargain Buys/Iphone Games

Free casual games from Armor Games

WoW News
New developments with WoW security – hacked accounts will no longer automatically get all gear and money retrieved. They will over a ‘care package’ of 2500 gold and a handful of badges. Otherwise you’ll sit in a very long queue to get all of your items restored – could take weeks! Also in WoW – Alpha testing of Cataclysm is beginning Jan 12th – Blizzard friends and family only :(


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2 thoughts on “Episode 9 – New Year, New Games”

  1. I think it is a little weird that there was so little talk about puzzle/adventuring in the darksiders discussion.

    As for bayonetta story being something for anime fans. I am a huge anime fan, and there are certainly a few anime related stories that are as bizarre, but it isn’t something that i would suggest as a general anime thing.

    1. Oh I don’t think it’s weird. I believe all 3 of us had just started playing the game. The puzzles really don’t come in till your searching first the first real boss.

      Have you played Bayonetta yet? I’d be interested in hearing how you liked it. As I said I haven’t had a chance to play it yet.

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