Ladies of Leet in iTunes!

iTunes-2Well we finally made it to iTunes! Please feel free to subscribe & leave a comment! A big thank you goes out to everyone that has listen & commented on the site on the site so far. We are loving doing this and are excited to make Episode 2 on October 3rd!


4 thoughts on “Ladies of Leet in iTunes!”

  1. robodude666 says:

    Excited for Episode #2!

    Ladies of Leet is planned to be a bi-monthly podcast?

    1. nicole says:

      Actually we record bi-weekly, so every 2 weeks you can expect a new episode :)

      1. robodude666 says:

        Ah, cool! Actually, bi-weekly and bi-monthly both have two means. Bi-weekly can be either twice a week, or once every two weeks, while bi-monthly can be twice a month, or once every two months. Go English!

        1. randysmolly says:

          We are just trying to keep you on your toes! :D

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