Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast LoL – Ep 40 – Monk Curious

LoL – Ep 40 – Monk Curious

This week the ladies discuss Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Rage, Dark Souls, Glitch, Squids and the new World of Warcraft expansion announcement: Mist of Pandaria.

How to play GameCube games on a Wii

And don’t forget to enter this episodes contest for a free copy of the newly released Batman: Arkham City on the PC. All you need to do is comment on this episode and tell us which of Batman’s gadgets they’d most like to have in real life? Or if you can’t pick one, create your own! We will pick our favorite by the next episode and announce the winner then! Good luck and have fun!

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40 thoughts on “LoL – Ep 40 – Monk Curious”

  1. My top batman gadget for real life is Bat zip line launcher. I loved using it in Arkham city. It would definitely help me cross some of the crazy streets in Philly.

    1. I would have to say the grappling gun. There’s nothing more annoying than having to wait in line for the elevator at work every day. It would be much cooler if I could just grapple up the building to work when I got here. ‘twould save me so much time! ;)

  2. First of all, Love the Ladies of Leet, second the Batman gadget I’d want most would be the Batmobile, specifically the Tumbler. Goodbye traffic jams!

  3. It is definitely a tough choice for which gadget I would want in real life. I would probably go with the bat plane so that I didn’t have to sit in traffic on my commute to work. :)

  4. Thanks for the advice, I’ve had my eye on the Harry Potter Lego game for a bit (she LOVES Harry Potter) and she loves the old GameCube Animal Crossing (tho that isn’t two player). I think the Just Dance could be fun (and could improve her grace a bit). I will keep you posted and will send you voice mails on my iPhone 4 from time to time, just to practice my silly accents!

    Thanks all! Much love!

  5. Great show, ladies!

    I want a Batarang. I’ve wanted one since I was a kid. Then I could use it to scale the sides of buildings and meet random celebrities while they’re having wild parties or getting ready for bed. Or washing their windows. What more could anyone ask for?

  6. Whilst all of Batman’s gadgets would be cool to have, I think I’d have to go with his ‘Bat Vision’ (or Detective Mode as it is in the Arkham games). It seems to have the most benefit in the real world. The TSA would have a ball with it!

    Love the show, Ladies!

  7. When I heard the question I instantly knew my answer. As I live on an Island within the UK its common to see basking sharks off of the coast. So my Gadget would deffinetly be the “Shark Repellant Bat Spray”. Like come on it, it makes Sharks Explode :o

  8. It’s kind of cheating, but I’d love to have the bat suit from Batman Beyond. It had a ton of awesome built in capabilities, like flight, stealth, a HUD, and tons more. I think that’s one of the ultimate gadgets.

  9. For the gadget I think I would have to go with grappling hook or bat-claw, while the zipline would be nice I suspect I would half as often end up sliding the wrong way and the claw pulling me along would guarantee some movement.

  10. The best gagdet I would love to have is the bat lasso. I work retail and a lasso would help me a lot in the catching thieves

  11. Hey guys first time listener first time poster. Love the show and love batman but never played the games! it would be sweet to see what all the hype is about. So on that note; my favorite batman gadget would have to be the bat pod. Its raw, tough, shoots stuff, blows sh*t up and I love bikes in general. OH and you would never have to worry about a vehicle pulling out in front of you ever again ;D It’s really cool how they went from concept of the bat pod to reality Very cool engineering! Thanks again guys.

  12. I’d like his memory fabric cloak – it lets you glide more than any current real-life flying squirrel suit. Imagine the thrill of base-jumping with that! So much fun!

  13. *wave* so glad that you guys are back.
    Perhaps it’s too easy to claim to want the utility belt but practically, it’s so much better than a fanny pack. Plus it’d be awesome to have for the zombie apocalyspe :)

  14. I would have to go with the cape. First because it just looks badass. Second because gliding around the city would be amazing. Although the climb up would be a pain without the grappler.

  15. Not sure if this counts, but I would love the Bat Mobile. I would love to drive down the street like a badass in that thing, so boss. Parking wouldn’t be the easiest thing in the world though, hopefully it has a back up camera.

  16. The gadget I would want would be the Bat Cowl. It has the communication device in the ear along w/ the ability to change to night vision and in a few of the comics it even has special eyepieces that he uses as a flashlight when he doesn’t want to use night vision. And well nothing would scare the crap out of my kids more then me sitting on there bed while they sleep in the cowl and them waking up to see a man in a batman cowl in front of them. LOL

  17. I would have to say that I would personally love detective mode/ Bat Vision. It would be amazing for me in my office. Being 5 foot 2 inches, people can never see me over the cubicle walls. With the Bat Vision I would not only be able to get around without my co workers bumping into me but I could make stealthy trips to the kitchen and my boss would be none the wiser.

  18. I would want Bat Pellets to create smoke to cover up my escapes. Plus, Bat “Pellets” sound like poop from a bat so it would be funny to make part of the smoke that comes out of the Bat Pellets be bottled up farts!

  19. Batman is my favorite comic book hero and wide array of gadgets he has at his disposal is definitely mind blowing. It’s almost criminal choosing just one!
    The gadget I’d love to have the most would be the Remote Controlled Batarang. Apart from the functionality, such as fetching stuff from other rooms, you can always use it to play around with and entertain the neighborhood kids :).

  20. I’ve loved Batman and all his gadgets since I was introduced to him as a little kid. I’ve read all his comic books to date, so it was extremely hard for me to figure out which gadget in his utility belt would be the best to have in real life.

    Although my initial choice was the grappling gun, I decided to choose something probably NOT on most people’s radar…

    Batman’s Rebreather/Gas Mask.

    Living in FL I LOVE the water and the Ocean specifically. What better gadget does a Floridian need than the Rebreather? Essential a scuba tank/breather in a nice little convenient device that you put in your mouth. Not only does it allow you to breath in water, but it also doubles as a gas mask, for those times you are suck in Occupy Gotham City and the GCPD decides to tear gas the 99% crowd gathering at the bottom of Wayne Tower.

  21. Batman gadget i want Ofc shark spray. or batgirl dont think she counts as a gadget but anyway.

  22. Hi ladies! I know I could pick a gadget but I want to make up one that woudl fit my personality! I would have a gadget that would fit on my right hand. On the knuckles would be two tazer tips. The tips would be like having two tazers across my knuckles. The glove will activate once it makes contact with the neck of my victim and knock them out, so they can be questioned later! I would call it the Batclaw.

    I know there is a Bat Tazer and if I had to ick one that was an actual batman gadget that would be it. I wanted to create something new so Bat Claw it is!

    Love the show ladies!

    J. Valentine

  23. Whatever Batman uses to summon a cloud of bats at will.

    Because if abusing a handful of endangered rabies-riddled airborne rodents for personal defence (and lulz) is wrong…I don’t want to be ri…OH GOD THEY’RE IN MY HAIR! GETTEMOFF GETTEMOF….

    *transmission lost*

  24. His cape, being able to glide across the roof tops at will would be amazing. Also depending on what’s your source of batman it can solidify into wrap around armor.

  25. Favorite Bat gadget? Hmmm I think I would have to say that mine is his belt. I mean something has to keep his pants up!

  26. I have a feeling that the utility belt and everything in it would be cheating. :P So I’d probably say the Batcetylene torch, I mean who doesn’t need a miniature cutting laser in their back pocket? :D

    Love the show ladies, keep up the good work

  27. Since I don’t think the Batoosie qualifies I’d say my favorite would be the Bat Smoke Grenades. I like the option of a quick exit. I work with the public so I’d get a lot of use out of that. Poof!

  28. While it might not be a “gadget” I love the fact that Batman carries kryptonite with him just in case… I think it epitomizes Batman’s ability to be prepared for any situation. Also the fact that he is ready to fight even his teammates makes him a more dark and complex character then your average superhero.

  29. My immediate thought was also the “bat shark repellent”, but there were already two comments on this, so I had to think of another one.

    Thanks to Youtube i found the perfect gagdet.

    The Bat Pipe. My pet name for my girlfriend ist “Mouse” (pretty common here in Germany, do not know if that is the same in US), so with the Bat Pipe I would have finally a tool to make her follow me. ;-)

    I enjoy your show very much. Glad you are back, ladies. Keep up the good work.

  30. Definitely the Bat Suit. Even a skinny guy would look so good in it. You can take the man out of the Bat Mobile, but you can’t take the kick-ass out of the Batman.

  31. Favorite batman gadget? I’d go with the grappling gun, but I’m not Batman so I’m sure I’d just hurt myself… probably the same with batarangs. So in the interest of self preservation I think I’m going with the Batmobile, preferably the one from the latest movies; I’ll need something plenty burly for LA traffic.

    Thanks for the show, glad you’re back, and congrats Nicole!

  32. Bat toys, bat toys, bat toys… think. What could I use the most?

    Well, I have two kids, something to maybe get them to eat their veggies? Was there a Bat Flavor Enhancer? Bat-chup maybe? How about getting them into bed on time? Bat-jammas? Teddy Bat? A Bat-time story?

    Okay, maybe the caped crusader would make a lousy sitter. Let’s go in different direction. Does Batman cook at all? I could use a slow cooker. Is that a Crock-bat or a bat-pot? Easy Bat Oven? Does the shark repellent make good cooking spray? A Bat-Blender would make great margaritas, but have one too many and it could lead to a very dark night.

    How about at work? I could bat-slap annoying cube dwellers. I could send inner office memos with a bat-a-rang. Did he have sleeping gas? That would be wonderful for company meetings, at the very least some Bat-zac.

    So many choices…
    Awww, just gimme the Batmobile.

  33. It’s not an exciting choice, but I have to go with the grappling gun. It became kind of iconic to me in the animated series, and Arkham Asylum tapped into that same coolness for me.

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