LoL – Ep 47 – Candy Dipped Reckoning

This week the ladies welcome back Nicole and discuss Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning, Syndicate, Review of the Vita and the Mass Effect 3 Demo!

We also of course have iPhone/iPad games and MMO talk!

Big congrats to Dave, the winner of the WOW TCG Nightsaber Cub!  Keep sending in those emails!

Where to find the Ladies!

Follow Ladies of Leet on twitter! Nicole at nicolespag, Kim at JustKimolly & Stephanie at xiaxian1. Ladies of Leet is part of the FrogPants Megafeed and can be found at!

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One thought on “LoL – Ep 47 – Candy Dipped Reckoning”

  1. Emily A. says:

    Welcome back Nicole!!! Great podcast. Thank you!

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