Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast LoL – Ep 48 – Mass Effect Trio

LoL – Ep 48 – Mass Effect Trio

This week the ladies discuss Mass Effect 3, Rayman Origins, Psychnaunts and Dear Ester!

We also of course have iPhone/iPad games and MMO talk!

So many great emails this week!  Keep sending in those emails!

Another great Cracked! video from Steph!

And an email from Elly that we couldn’t read in entirety :)

Hello Ladies of Leet!

First welcome back Nicole. =)

I wanted to share a story with you that happened to me in Skyrim. I lost Lydia, I suspect it was because she was tired of “carrying my burdens”.

She and I were outside of Whiterun and there was a dragon in the air. So of course I run toward it to try to attack it. It seems to be attacking other people, which is fine by me – I can do more damage without taking any.

As I approach the rear of the dragon, since I am melee, I swing with my one handed sword only to have a female mage step in front of me and get hit. So now I am trying to attack the dragon and she is attacking me. I don’t have time to figure out who this woman is, so I kill her and return to fighting the dragon.

The dragon dies and the two female mages are dead (one by my hand, the other by the dragon).

After looting the dragon and taking all of the dragon bones, Lydia and I both are now over encumbered. So we slowly walk back to Whiterun.

I approach from the side and jump over a little wall onto a stand with stairs leading down to the path. A guard runs toward me with sword drawn and wants to arrest me. I can only guess it is because I killed the mage woman. So I respond by saying I am a Thane and they back off.

I slowly walk my way to the first store on the right to sell stuff once in Whiterun. After I enter the store I save the game. I sell my stuff, turn around to get stuff off Lydia and she is gone. Great I say sarcastically – I gave her some pretty cool stuff to sell later. So I am still overencumbered, and I make my way to dragons reach thinking maybe she is there for some reason. She is not there. I buy my house and go there to empty my pockets so to speak. Still no Lydia.

So she has been lost. Not sure if this is some type of glitch or what, but I am certainly not starting over. But wanted to share with you that I lost her.

Now that I have a house I can store stuff if I want it for later, which is very, very nice, so I recommend people get a house when you can.

I wanted to thank you for your talk about Skyrim. It got me motivated to play it. I felt very overwhelmed by the game and like Stephanie, did not really like Fall Out 3. I always felt my character was running diagonally and I could not get over that. LOL. But your talking about Skryim, I restarted the game and have a much better understanding of the controls, etc. I am playing on my PS3 and am enjoying it a lot.

I tried to get Farkus interested in me, but he never seemed to notice me even after wearing my amulet of mara. So I married a guy I bought to fight with me. I am pretending that we fell in love and that I did not buy a husband. LOL Anyway, he does not make that much gold (like 100 a day) and after hearing how much you get from Farkus, I am wondering if I should kill my husband and try to marry Farkus. Thoughts?

I enjoy listening to all of you and appreciate your work on the podcast.



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One thought on “LoL – Ep 48 – Mass Effect Trio”

  1. Couple of things re: Mass Effect 3 talk:

    1) In the UK the release date was later, on Friday, rather than the US Tuesday release (same with digital) – to the best of my knowledge this is a Retail thing (new retail copies of games are always released on Fridays here with only a few exceptions). The fact that Digital copies are locked to the same date is probably to keep the brick n’ mortar’s happy. I imagine as time goes on and digital becomes more prominent then this will (hopefully) change.

    2) Also, for the record, I TOTALLY play Femshep throughout the series. Primarily its because Jennifer Hale is just a *significantly* better presence than the male equivalent. (and it’s more interesting with a female character in the lead role).

    Anyway – i’d be VERY interested to hear what you think about the ending of that game in your next podcast. It’s been….controversial…to say the least.

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