Ladies of Leet Blog,Featured,Podcast LOL – Ep 78 – Sic Balls Chopper!

LOL – Ep 78 – Sic Balls Chopper!


This week the ladies discuss GTA V, Saint’s Row IV, Adventures of Shuggy, Zafehouse, The Scarecrow & Mateo’s App of the Week.

iOS games

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit: Free

The Scarecrow – by Chipotle: Free

Honest Scarecrow – watch more funny videos

^ the ‘decoded’ message of the video

Mateo’s App of the Week: Toca Monster Kitchen – Free

Open Letter to Parents from a video game retailer

Resources for Parents: Common Sense Media

Excited by Steams new OS?


Thanks to one of our listeners, Patrik, we have some great games to give away. Congrats to the winners below!
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