Ladies of Leet Blog,Featured,Podcast LOL – Ep 87 – Remembering the Games of 2013

LOL – Ep 87 – Remembering the Games of 2013

2103 Games
This week the ladies discuss all the games they played in 2013…ok some of the games

Nicole’s 2013 Game Picks
Biggest Disappointment – Dead Island Riptide or God of War: Ascension
Most Fun – Saints Row IV/Hearthstone
Best Story – Bioshock Infinite
Overlooked Gem – Wolf Among Us
Best Indie – Zafehouse Diaries
Best Multiplayer – Last of Us
Favorite Nostalgic Re-play – Fallout New Vegas
Favorite DLC – Tina Tiny DLC
Favorite Mobile/iOS – Pocket Mine
GOTY – Tomb Raider

Anticipated in 2014: Destiny

Kim’s 2013 Game Picks
Biggest disappointment – Last of Us
Most fun – Animal Crossing
Best story – Wolf Among Us
Overlooked gem – Papo & Yo
Best Indie – Gone Home
Best Multiplayer – Animal Crossing
Favorite nostalgic re-play – Fallout Vegas
Favorite DLC – Tina Tiny DLC
Best iOS – Kingdom Rush: Frontiers
Game of the Year- Dishonored

Anticipated in 2014 – DayZ, Walking Dead Season 2, Watchdogs, Thief and Witcher 3

Stephanie’s 2013 Game Picks
Still waiting for her to email me the list :)

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3 thoughts on “LOL – Ep 87 – Remembering the Games of 2013”

  1. I really really enjoy Zafehouse Diaries and just want to thank you for talking about it so often on the podcast. I would never have tried it out otherwise, and I have spent a lot of time enjoying failing to survive or repair the car or get out.

  2. My favorite game this year is a tie between Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite. I love the action/adventure with Lara and peeling back the layers in the story of Bioshock.
    The best dlc is Xcomm: Enemy Within – lots more fun and it introduces some new abilities and mission types.

  3. Most fun – The Cave
    Hidden gem – Papo & Yo
    Best Mobile – Candy Crush
    Best Indie and my GOTY – The Swapper
    Best Big Studio Game – Dishonored

    Anticipated in 2014: Thief

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