Ladies of Leet Blog,Featured,Podcast LOL – Ep 96 – Cute Fun Murder Game

LOL – Ep 96 – Cute Fun Murder Game

This week the ladies discuss Fallout New Vegas, Lonesome Road, Dead Money & Project Brazil, Gunpoint, Hotline Miami, WoW, Thief, Outlast, The Walking Dead: Season 2-Episode 2 and more!


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Mateo’s App of the Week: This segment has been retired, however if you liked Mateo’s App of the Week, check out the new FrogPants show NerdParents for lots of app recommendations for kids!

GDC happening, stuff being said :)

RedBox – are PS4 rentals coming soon? Some say Infamous: Second Son is appearing ‘coming soon’ on some RedBox locations

Typically not something I would play, but with VR? EVE Valkyrie might be awesome

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