Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast LoL – Episode 23 – Flaming Purple Thong

LoL – Episode 23 – Flaming Purple Thong

In this week’s episode we are discussing Deathspank, Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4, Little Big Planet 2, DC Universe Online & more Comic-Con goodness!

Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4: Nicole/Kim/Stephanie – Rent it
Deathspank: Nicole/Kim/Stephanie – Buy it!!!!

Nicole’s Flickr Pictures from Comic-Con

Gaming News
University of Central Florida has received a grant to develop a video game to potentially help girls deal with peer pressure.

Stephanie gives us the 5 Biggest Mistakes Women (Like Me!) Make On The Internet from

WoW Talk

The girls are now playing in the beta for Cataclysm and both Kim & Stephanie agree that the Goblin starting area is their favorite (Nicole still hasn’t had a chance to play since she has been traveling :)

Bargain Buys!

Amazon Gold Box has amazing deals everyday for Video Games!
Be sure to check out Free App A Day for some greats free apps! Shrek Kart Free
Listener Katie shared with us a great little site for Free online games

Game Release Highlights

Alan Wake: The Signal (DLC) for Xbox 360 – genre: Action Adventure – Released July 27, 2010
Enjoy you Massage for Wii – genre: Simulator – Released Aug 9, 2010

Video Game Quiz!
Don’t forget if you want to enter the Video Game Music Quiz Contest for a chance to win a VIP PC Beta Access Key to DC Universe Online, you will need to send an email to contest @, include the answer to the 1 video game audio that were played during the show. The answer to quiz and the winner will be announced on the next episode of Ladies of Leet! Good Luck!!!

Nicole has also created a couple of Firefox personas for both LoL & ExtraLife. Check them out here! She’ll be adding more of the FrogPants family to this location so keep checking for new personas!

Also check out StickyLife if you are looking to get some awesome stickers made. Use the discount code LADIESOFLEET and you will get 25% off your entire order! Nicole, Kim & Stephanie will be giving out LoL stickers (thanks StickyLife!) at DragonCon in September, but if you can’t make it, you can also buy them at Nicole & Marc’s store they set up for their other site The Wood Whisperer.

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