Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast LoL Special – I’ll have the DragonCon Special

LoL Special – I’ll have the DragonCon Special

Since all 3 of the ladies were attending Dragoncon this year, we thought we forgo our regular show and bring you some of the fun that was had at the event. Don’t worry, our next show we will be back talking about all the great video game news and goodness.

Here is the gamer girl shirt that Nicole was referencing in the show and a link to Her Universe.

Here are just a few of the friends we were able to hang out with while at DragonCon:

Len Peralta from Jawbone Radio
Brian Ibbott from Coverville & Film Sack
Brian Dunaway from Final Score & Film Sack
Eileen Rivera from The Bite Club
Steve Riekeberg from Geek Cred
Brian Bushwood from NSFW & Scam School
Justin Young from NSFW
Jonathan Strickland from How Stuff Works
Veronica from Sword & Laser & Tekzilla
Tom Merritt from TNT & Sword & Laser

We also want to give special thanks to Tom, Eileen & Lisa over at TWiT for allowing us to join them at the TWiT table! We had an absolute blast!

More cowbell please :)
DragonCon 2010

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2 thoughts on “LoL Special – I’ll have the DragonCon Special”

  1. I have found that kids enjoy Fluxx more than adults do. They seem to be able to just sit down and play without a lot of explanation up front. I have four kids (12, 13, 13, and 17) and they have been playing regular Fluxx and Zombie Fluxx for a few years. It is the first game they grab when the teacher gives them a free day. My husband and our adult friends HATE it.

    1. lol that is a very good point Dani. I tried playing it again with my husband the other nite and zombies or not he still doesn’t like the game. I’m still trying to enjoy it. I really like the idea of the game but it can be hard to follow at times

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