Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast LoL – Episode 26 – Those Turlets ain’t Gonna Clean Themselves

LoL – Episode 26 – Those Turlets ain’t Gonna Clean Themselves

In this weeks episode we discuss Mafia 2, Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions, Halo Reach, Amenesia: The Dark Desecnt, & Tropico 3

Mafia 2: Nicole-Buy It, Kim & Stephanie-Rent It

Gaming News/Buzz

So Cute! The Gamer Baby ABCs

Backlash on a female game reviewer at G4 (thanks to Gretchen for the link to this article)

Five bloody new video games for guys and why they aren’t just for guys :P

New DLC ‘Liars and Cheats’ for Red Dead Redemption releases Tuesday, Sept 21st: in game gambling, horse racing, new gang hideouts and mounted combat during the horse races!

World of Warcraft News

Brewfest is September 20 – October 5

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6 thoughts on “LoL – Episode 26 – Those Turlets ain’t Gonna Clean Themselves”

  1. Roguelike games : ‘Roguelike’ refers to very old-school overhead randomly generated dungeon delving RPG (often using only ASCII characters instead of graphics). Essentially, they were the games Diablo and similar action RPGS evolved from. Recettear has a very simple real-time dungeon exploration component where you employ an adventurer to explore a dungeon and recover loot to sell in your shop.

    Jumping into Mass Effect 2 : I don’t remember if you mentioned what format the listener was playine ME2 on, but if it’s the PC version then you can always download a save file from

    They’ve basically got a save file for pretty much every possible combination of character / event resolution from the first game. Otherwise you’re stuck with Bioware’s default event outcomes (some of which are decisions I would definately have NOT made myself).

  2. Great show but I continue to have two issues with the show in general that seems to be persistent across most/all episodes;

    1) The soundvolume of your podcast is too low. Compare to a podcast like “Keith and the Girl” to see what sound-volume would be great.

    2) I am, and I’m not the only one apparently, getting reeaalllyyy tired of all the ‘name dropping’. Veronica did this, Scott said that, Felica thought that, Tom blah-blah. I know the podcasting world is very incestuous but for heaven’s sake keep some of that for yourself and don’t pollute the podcast with all these references to people that MANY of us either a) don’t know and/or b) in many cases don’t care for (Felicia day as an example. Charging for signatures…. That was ironic after her comment about ‘giving back to her fans’. bah!). It also makes you guys feel a bit…shallow/arrogant talking about all these people as if we should know who they are. Please stop.

    Apart from that. Good show.

    1. Hi Michelle, out of curiosity how many episodes have you had level issues? I ask because I did get a new computer recently and it seems I did have something checked on this last episode that caused the sound to be lowered. I’ve gone ahead and fixed it in my template so the new episodes should be fine. Thanks for the heads up on this.

      As for the “name dropping” I’m going to have to agree with Kim. Both Veronica and Scott are very good friends of ours. All 3 of us game with them all the time & they’ve both been on the show (so if you’ve listened to all the shows technically you do know them). Sorry this has caused you so much frustration, but the show from the beginning has always had an element of what is going on in our gaming life. So if I happen to play a game with George Clooney, you can bet I’m going to talk about it on the show. Heck I’d probably talk about it on 3 shows ;)

      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Hi Michelle – Thanks for listening and the comments. We are researching he audio levels. We’ve never had a comment on this, so we can check on it.

    For the name dropping. I guess we never realized this was a problem. Yes, we are all podcasters, but all these people are our friends as well and we play video games with them.

    We, of course love getting feedback from our fans and appreciate all of it. We are always looking at ways to improve the show. Thanks so much!

  4. Hey!

    When playing Mass Effect 2, you might want to know that doing paragon actions doesn´t “hurt” your renegade score, the two bars are independent of each other.

    My Shepard had full Paragon and two thirds of the Renegade bar full by the end of the game (without any DLC).

    So even if you want to be a renegade Shepard, you don´t have to do all the really ruthless stuff. :-)


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