Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast LoL – Episode 34 – Becoming the Next Legend

LoL – Episode 34 – Becoming the Next Legend

This week we discuss DC Universe Online, StarCraft 2 Mods, Dungeon Raid, Sky Burger, Yahtzee, Pocket Frogs, Mass Effect 2 & World of Warcraft.

DC Universe Online: Nicole/Kim/Stephanie – All say Buy It, but with a huge caveat. Don’t expect too much with community especially with the PS3 version. The game play is awesome but interacting with other players is still challenging.

How to enter the MapHook Contest!
Speaking of DCUO, our good friends at MapHook have partnered with us again to create a fun contest. We would like you to go to either or download the app to your iphone/ipod and create a Hook with a picture of your DCUO character and a little “back story” about them. And for listeners who aren’t playing the game, you can just tell us what kind of hero or villain they would create if they were playing (adding a picture you drew would make it more fun too). You have until February 19, 2011 to get your entry in and the winner will be chosen at random and win a game of their choosing (up to $60 value)! Please be sure to have the word DCUO in the title so the entry can be found. Below is an example from Nicole and the character she created on the Redemption server, Omni Girl! Good luck and have fun!!

Bargain Buys!

On Feb 8th DCUO 3 month memberships will be discounted to $29.99 (normally $41.99)

Sky Burger & HeyTell (technically not a game) for Free on the iPhone/iPod

Direct2Drive is having a 15% off top titles because of the Blizzard – Two Worlds, Magika, DCUO, RIFT Digital Collectors Edition preorder. Use promocode “SNOWBLOWS” at checkout.

Gaming News

You can now beta test the 3 mods that Blizzard created specifically to showcase the mod engine in StarCraft 2. The games include Aiur Chef, StarJeweled, and Left 2 Die. They are a blast to play!

Zelda Reorchestrated is a wonderful project that is taking the classic music from a number of the Zelda games and recreating it using an orchestra. Zreo is currently working on creating their latest project Twilight Symphony and is funding the project via KickStarter. It addition to Twilight Princess, Zreo has also recreated the music from Ocarina of Time and the entire set of music can be found here. The guys leading this project say “We do not seek profit or fame. We simply love Zelda and wish to share its inspiration on all of us with all of you.” Feel free to follow the link above if you would like to support their project!

Android Words With Friends Gets Friendly With iPhones

Three More Fallout: New Vegas DLC Packs Coming Soon. Release cross-platform!

Funny video of a game review that Stephanie found about a game that was meant as a joke.


Love is in the Air started today – It’s the same as last year’s revamped holiday

Core hound pet adoption drive! Blizzard is having a year long contest to encourage people to get authenticators on their accounts. Submit a screenshot of your corehound pet to win an iPad! Everyone month for a year they will pick 2 winners but you can only enter once.

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