Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast LoL – Episode 37 – Girls Fart Rainbows

LoL – Episode 37 – Girls Fart Rainbows

Yes I know I said 38 but I meant 37 :) This week we discuss Dragon Age 2, Dance Central, Lil Pirates, Tiny Wings, Garage Inc & World of Goo

Dragon Age 2: Nicole/Kim/Stephanie – All say Buy It

Congrats to Pixelfan the winner of our MMO Idea Maphook contest! Pixelfan wins the game of their choice for this great entry! Curious to see all the awesome entries? Check them out in this Maphook story

How to enter the MapHook Contest!
Our good friends at MapHook have partnered with us yet again to give you an opportunity to win a game (any game, any system, up to $60!)! We would like you to go to either or download the app to your iphone/ipod and create a Hook using the category Video Gaming & tell us what you do while you game! Don’t forget to mention the game you are currently playing. You have until April 2nd, 2011 to get your entry in and the winner will be chosen at random and win a game of their choosing (up to $60 value)! Please be sure to have the word LoL in the title so the entry can be found. Good luck!!

Bargain Buys!
Lil Pirates – free
Garage Inc- currently free
Escape Rosecliff Island HD – $4.99

Esty has such cool gaming stuff – Space Invaders Tie for your man

Gaming News
Online storage for games for Playstation Plus

Geeky Tattoos – This one is for Kim

Crossover Games has created a client so Mac users to play RIFT

Patch 4.1 hasn’t dropped yet but they’re giving ANOTHER class a battle rez. Warlocks. So when 4.1 drops the following classes will have battle rez: druid, death knight, warlock

Be a Part of the Show!

Check out the Final Score Steam community page! This is the ladies steam home so you can always catch up with us there and also play Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 with the community!

Give us a call on our voicemail line at 623-252-4263 or email us a mp3!

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  1. Hey ladies,

    I recall someone saying that they wanted to play Dragon Age Origins after playing Dragon Age II. Thought I’d let you know that Dragon Age Origin Ultimate Edition is $25 on Impulse this weekend. I know its no Steam but that’s a good price.

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