Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast LoL – Episode 38 – It’s a RIFT!

LoL – Episode 38 – It’s a RIFT!

This week we discuss RIFT, de Blob2, Fallout New Vegas: Dirty Money DLC, Dragon Age 2, Dragon Age: Origins & more!

RIFT: Nicole/Kim/Stephanie – All say Buy It *But only if your looking for a change from WoW
Here’s a link to the Crossover Games client Stephanie tried out so Mac users can play RIFT

Congrats to Pizoley the winner of our How do you game? Maphook contest! Pizoley wins the game of their choice for this great entry! Curious to see all the awesome entries? Check them out in this Maphook story

How to enter the MapHook Contest!
Our good friends at MapHook have partnered with us yet again to give you an opportunity to win a game (any game, any system, up to $60!)! We would like you to go to either or download the app to your iphone/ipod and join the Ladies of Leet Group (just search for Ladies of Leet under Groups)! Easy Peasy & the winner will be drawn at random from everyone that has joined by the next show! Good luck!!

Bargain Buys!

Both Amazon and Best Buy have the Xbox 4GB system for $199 plus a $50 gift card.

The Potato Sack! 75% off a bundle of great indie games!

Save 30% on RIFT at Amazon

Gaming News

SyFy and Trion collaborating on a new action MMO

Duke Nukem Forever includes butt-slapping “Capture the Babe” Mode

Be a Part of the Show!

Check out the Final Score Steam community page! This is the ladies steam home so you can always catch up with us there and also play Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 with the community!

Give us a call on our voicemail line at 623-252-4263 or email us a mp3!

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3 thoughts on “LoL – Episode 38 – It’s a RIFT!”

  1. In regards to crafting locations in Rift…at the beginning yes, the crafting appliances are spread out. But Meridian does have an entire wing dedicated to crafting, where everything is within a few steps of each other. Also, it does make more sense that you can’t just start mass producing materials out in the open. It gives you a reason to actually visit these cities instead of just hanging out, outside the auction house with your winged mounts spamming [Anal] chat…just saying.

  2. CURSE YOU LOL! It’s been almost a month without the girls. I’m getting blue-podcasting balls over here!

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