Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast LoL – Update – Life Happens

LoL – Update – Life Happens

It seems for all 3 of the ladies life has given us a few unexpected turns. So we didn’t want you to worry but we are going to be on break for awhile. Game on!

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6 thoughts on “LoL – Update – Life Happens”

  1. Ladies,

    I really appreciated the podcast but take it from someone who has grown use to life’s unexpected ways. All the fans will be here when you decide to return.

    Good Luck to you all

  2. Aw. You sounded rather sad announcing that. :( (I can understand why, but nonetheless)

  3. I can’t say I’m not disappointed, but I can say I will be glad to see you return. Have a safe summer!

  4. Dear Ladies of Leet!

    I wish you a calm, relaxing, fun and amusing time off. Come back to us all refreshed and energized! I will be missing my LoL fix so Patrick, Turpster and Scott better bring it while you are off the podcast air!!!!


    PS: Still playing Rift, did not go back to wow officially so far, love DA2, Witcher 2 seems pretty good so far, and if I need to disappear for a day or 2, Civ 5 is easy to start up :-D

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