Ladies of Leet Blog Playstation 3 – Which one should I buy?

Playstation 3 – Which one should I buy?

I am ready to bite the bullet and buy a Playstation 3. Looking out at, there are basically 3 options for new systems.

Playstation 3 120GB System – This is the Playstation slim for $299
Playstation 3 80GB System – This is the original for $299
Limited Edition Playstation 3 160GB – This is the original that includes a larger hard drive and a copy of Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Bundle

So, for those of you that have PS3’s, how much of the hard drive do you use? Is it worth it to get the larger one? I am also confused why would anyone buy the original one, with the 80GB hard drive, when you can get the slim with more room for the same price. I looked at the stats on these and look exactly the same except for the size of the console it self.

Any recommendations on which system to buy or your experiences would be a huge help! Can’t wait to play with everyone!

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  1. The only main difference between the three options mentioned is the hard drive size. The slim no longer supports putting an alternative OS on it, but for most people, that doesn’t matter. The slim is currently the only model being produced, and all other models are pretty much sony trying to get rid of back stock. The 160gb, unless being sold for 350, isn’t exactly worth it. You can buy a 320gb Hard drive from western digital for 99.99, and then get that game for 15 dollars at game stop, or some such area. So, for an extra fifteen dollars over what you would pay for this bundle, you can get twice the storage. So, yeah.

  2. Actually, benchmark tests show that the original is *slightly* faster. They also show that the slim uses less energy and is quieter. Honestly my original is absolutely silent (esp when compared to my 360). Either way, enjoy! Feel free to add me as a friend on PSN. I’m “forensic6”.

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