Ladies of Leet Blog Win a StarCraft 2 Beta Key

Win a StarCraft 2 Beta Key

Yep you heard right. I have an extra beta key from the BlizzCon 2008 card (mount code was used) so I’m giving it out to a lucky listener of LoL! Not to mention some sweet SC 2 sweat bands!

So what do you have to do? It’s simple really, just sign up as a fan of Ladies of Leet on Facebook and you’ll be automatically entered. I’ll pick a random fan (using and will send you the code and sweat bands. You have until March 5th to sign up.

Good luck!!

17 thoughts on “Win a StarCraft 2 Beta Key”

  1. Hi. Betas will be given again in a week or so.. untill march blizzard would have every1 that wants beta in beta – Heroes of Newerth example, i had invites all the time, and i knew how they were precious, now i have extra 6. in just two – three months.
    Dont get me wrong, i will sign up , due to the circumsances, still my mail : is avalabile here in case u or anyone is willing to show kindness to a guy that spent 4 hours on the internet so far with only 2 smoks lol. – hope anyone shows pity on me , even though i tend not to for the world :((((

    1. I actually turned in an extra beta code just 2 days ago and got the SC 2 beta code today (via email). So whoever wins will get a true SC 2 beta code :D

  2. Perhaps a stupid question, but I’ll still be in the draw if I was listed as fan BEFORE this competition, right?
    By the way, will you contact the winner through Facebook? Just wondering because I have a very different name there and suspect many other do. ;)

    1. Not stupid at all. Everyone that is a fan on the facebook page (new and old) will be in the running for the code. I’ll just message the winner through facebook. Trying to make it easy on everyone :)

  3. we all are looking forward to march 5th. still, its hard since Blizzard actually stopped time with the beta keys. Anyway, gj on your ideea. Still i was the 1st, i get +points in random roll :P -kidding.

    1. ya i registered one of my codes yesterday for the beta yesterday. I assumed if you had the beta key you would get in. I can’t imagine the ppl that are paying for the code on ebay. At least this way you don’t loose anything, plus you get some sweet sweat bands ;)

  4. What happens if someone who doesnt even have an idea about Starcraft wins the key? :D I mean do all of the fans play SC? :D

      1. Yeah true that. Didn’t mean to be mean but I just don’t like the idea of your nice gift being sold on ebay for couple hundred bucks. I hope it goes to a real SC fan :P

  5. hoooowdyyyy what a nice contest =)
    <3 to get the keey^^

    but gl to all :)

    nicole u rock!!!


  6. i realy realy want a beta code:( iv tried evorything and nothing worked. im broke and cant get 60 bucks to preorder the game to get the key so im all out of luck:( iv played starcraft since i was 7 years old i was born in the year the first game came out.i realy realy want one AND ILL DO ANYTHING FOR IT!

    1. Hey Brian,

      Sorry to say we gave this away months ago :( Wishing you luck on your hunt.


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