Photo_22NicoleSpag – I’ve been playing video games as far back as I can remember and up until 2007 I was solely a console gamer. With the introduction to World of Warcraft, my video game world was expanded to MMO’s. I still really enjoy my console games and find enjoyment in just about any game I can get my hands on (with a few exceptions). Besides Warcraft, some of my favorite games include Resistance, Bejeweled, any Lego game, Psychonauts (totally underrated IMO), Eternal Darkness, Star Tropics, God of War, and Super Mario Bros. You can find me at Twitter at @nicolespag


Kim – A girl about town, you can find her at such locations as @justkimmiann in the twittersphrere or playing some rendition of Molly*** in World of Warcraft.  She also has a fat little Mii somewhere in Wii land.  PSN = randysmolly, Wii = 4667843619528306 Check out my about.me profile!



Gypsygirl Stephanie – Also known as GypsyGirl is a legend that cannot be matched.  She is also a mean DJ in raids! Follow her on Twitter @xiaxian1

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