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Episode 22 – Dude, Don’t Touch My Toons

Posted on 11 July 2010 by nicolespag

In this week’s episode we are discussing Singularity, Puzzle Agent, Playstation Plus and all the wonderful games we got from the awesome Steam sale!

Nicole decided to try out Playstation Plus

Our sister podcast Final Score from the FrogPants Network has created a Final Score Steam Group & all the ladies are part of the group! Join the group and play with other fans of the shows & even us!

We’ve talked about The Guild in the past, but did you know that Felicia recently released 3 awesome prequel comics to the show?

Gaming News

Here’s your chance to become a video game tester & become a reality show star (sort of)! The Tester Season 2 Casting Call will close on July 17

New DLC for RDR will be release starting in August.

What to Girls want out of games? Gaming Angels take on the survey

Nicole will be at ComicCon & will be doing some stuff with Final Score. Here are just some of the panels on games

WoW Talk
The video of the girlfriend that deleted a guys toon that made me want to cry if it actually happened.

Bargain Buys!

Puzzle Agent on both PC & Mac is $8.99 from Steam
Ton of games on sale at Kmart! Singularity & Alan Wake is only 34.99!! till July 17

Game Release Highlights

DeathSpank for PSN & Xbox Live – genre: RPG – Released July 13, 2010

Also check out StickyLife and use the discount code LADIESOFLEET for 25% off your entire order!

Don’t forget if you want to enter the Video Game Music Quiz Contest to enter to win a copy of the PC version of Borderlands. You need to send an email to contest @ ladiesofleet.com and include the answers to the 3 video games that were played during the show. The answers to quiz and the winner will be announced on the next episode of Ladies of Leet! Good Luck!!!

Give us a call on our voicemail line at 623-252-4263!

Follow Ladies of Leet on twitter! Nicole at nicolespag, Kim at randysmolly & Stephanie at xiaxian1.

Ladies of Leet is proud to be part of the Frogpants Network! For more exciting shows like Final Score & Comics Coast to Coast, visit Frogpants.com!!!!

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