Ladies of Leet Blog A day in the life of a female gamer?

A day in the life of a female gamer?

I found this article on about how female gamers are treated when playing on-line games.  While I have had very little problems when talking on the voice chat in on-line games, I have heard horror stories from friends of mine.

I do have one funny story though I thought I would share on this subject.

My son, who was about 14 at the time, had just hooked up his new XBox 360 camera and was playing Uno online with some random people.  I went up to his room to play because he told me how cool it was.  As soon as I got on camera, the other 14-16 yr old boys started asking me to take my shirt off.  Not only did I sufficiently make them feel ashamed that they would ask girls to do this, but I also beat their butts in Uno!

Do you have any stories you want to share?

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  1. I used to play Day Of Defeat religiously. Before that I was big into Dance Dance Revolution. The funny thing for me was when a lot of people were unaware that I was female before I got a microphone in DOD. After I got it they found out that I was and that they were getting killed by a GIRL who played with a computer that ran at 8 FPS. Yes, 8. 0-2 in smoke filled areas. That was pretty hilarious to me. Beyond that though, the article is pretty good and the mean things on the picture are pretty representative of what you hear. I was thankful enough to be playing the game with my husband and I made a nice circle of friends, whom, if they noticed me going off on someone for being inappropriate they jumped right in. Then when most of us became admin on the servers we played on, we had strict rules against harassment and gender bashing. So they didn’t last long if they were rude. ;-)

    Girls tough it out and don’t let any guys make you feel like you shouldn’t be playing any game. Female gamers rock and can be just as good if not better than male players. I say go out and show em what you got and be PROUD to be a female gamer. We’re pretty rare refined.


  2. I’m not a competitive person at all, so I’ve never played any online first-person shooter type games. I’ve only played games like Perfect Dark, Goldeneye etc. with RL guy friends in the same room, who of course wouldn’t dare ask me to take my shirt off. ;-) In WoW I never play PvP. So that probably shields me from a lot of anti-female nonsense in gaming– most of it seems to happen when you’re competing.

    I think emphasizing the “they didn’t know they were playing with a girl…who kicked their ASSES!” part of it kind of undermines the point, though. Girls who don’t kick ass don’t deserve to be harassed any more than girls who do. I know it’s an extra thrill to conquer the douchebags who were rude to you in-game, but putting too much on that kind of enforces the idea that women not only have to do everything men do, but do it better in order to get respect. We have the right to utterly suck in game every bit as much as guys do. ;-)

    But you can’t force guys to agree on that. All you can do, I suppose, is be careful about who you play with. I’m going to be getting an XBox 360 soon and most likely will take full advantage of Live, so will have to apply this policy myself.

  3. Being a female gamer, I think I have had all of those things said to me at least once in my gaming life.

    People generally will treat you differently if they know you are female but its not always the case I’ve found. These tips are really good. In particular the one about finding suitable players to play with.

    I’m in a guild where 4 out of 10 of our raid set up are female. We do get teased every now and then with the female jokes but we always gang up and throw it back in their faces lol. Overall, I love my guild and to be honest, I bet they actually love the fact that there are females in the guild. It adds variety =)

    We know we are just as good if not better than some of the male gamers. To this day, I am still top in dps within our guild so I know better than to let the female gamer slamming get to me hehe =)


  4. Actually im a boy that has respect for girls they play games the same reason as boys do because their fun cause actually i didn’t mean to tumble across this site untill I read this article I felt heartbroken :{

  5. I’ve only had a couple of bad experiences on Xbox Live. I just hit the report button and go out to the lobby to find another game to join. On Steam, I always get asked for pictures and my Facebook page (which I’m sure is for the pictures). I really don’t get that. I mean, is there a lack of picture of hot women on the internet? Why do you want mine? Sometimes I send them pix of penises or goatse for fun.

    On the whole, however, I have had a pretty good experience playing online on Steam and XBL. I think it depends a lot on which games you play too. I don’t play FPS online (much), and I think a lot of the immaturity resides in that genre.

    I don’t know what people think girls don’t play games. Every single girl I know plays games.

  6. From a man’s perspective… female gamers are awesome. I do not understand why some guys feel it necessary to bash on them. To be honest, why does gender even matter? I’ve known plenty of guys that need to L2P, with woman outdoing them. And vice versa. The way I see it if an online gaming community, for example WoW, was all men it would just turn into a giant pissing contest. Having a woman in the mix settles the men down, and puts the boys in their place. Besides some of you all have some damn sexy voices ;-)


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