Ladies of Leet Blog,Featured,Podcast Ladies of Leet Ep 132 – Girl Power

Ladies of Leet Ep 132 – Girl Power

This week the ladies discuss Destiny 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Tsuro

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Nicole: Destiny 2

Kim: Elder Scrolls Online, Tsuro

Stephanie: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (finished), more Elder Scrolls Online (duh!)

The ESO Guild that Kim and Stephanie are in is called Ladies O Fleet :)

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One thought on “Ladies of Leet Ep 132 – Girl Power”

  1. Hello Ladies!

    When I heard Nicole mention maybe being jaded by the grindiness of certain game genres like WoW, Destiny, Warframe, I can totally relate. I’ve been playing video games since the Atari 2600 in the late 70s. I’m 52 now and still playing video games. I played EverQuest and then vanilla WoW. I stopped playing WoW after Cataclysm because it began to feel more like work than a game to escape into. If you take a few days off and then get back into the game, I felt I was always having to play catch up. My tastes have definitely moved more towards game types that have a start and a finish. I do like some online shooter games because at least those are different every time you play. Meh… maybe I am just old. haha!

    Keep up the good work! I love to listen to the show and I hope everyone will be healthy and back sooner than later.

    All the best,
    aka starhops

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