LoL – Episode 29 – Halloween Vegas Style

This week we discuss Fallout New Vegas, Red Dead Redemption DLC Undead Nightmare, Kirby Epic Yarn & Blizzcon

Fallout: New Vegas – Nicole & Kim: Buy It; Stephanie: Skip It
Kirby Epic Yarn – Nicole: Buy It
Undead Nightmare – Nicole & Stephanie: Buy It (Playstation Plus get a discount on the DLC)

WoW Talk

Stephanie and Nicole discuss Blizzcon and we announced a fun contest for you to win your very own Dethling. Yep the one that was in the Blizzcon bag. Deadline is November 14th so listen for the details.

Machinima contest winner from Blizzcon

2nd place:

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Listener Matt recommends the iphone game Chu Chu Rocket

Listener Joshua recommends iphone app Game.MINDER to help keep track of updates and game releases

Gaming News

Champion Online is free to play closed beta starts on Nov 9th

Game Release Highlights

Call of Duty: Black Ops released on Nov 9th for PC, PS3 & Xbox

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Special thanks to Deathmom & Motion Price of Movie Night for the bumper. Don’t worry guys Kim & Stephanie aren’t that made at ya ;)

58 thoughts on “LoL – Episode 29 – Halloween Vegas Style”

  1. IceWarm says:

    My favorite Liam O’Brien game is probably World of Warcraft. I loved the intro cinematic to The Burning Crusade. He does an amazing job as Illidan. Love the show and take care.

    Mike / IceWarm

  2. Johannah says:

    I would have to say that of Liam O’Brien’s credits, Darksiders is my favorite game!

  3. Frank says:

    Tales of Vesperia is one of my most played games, i played through it 3 different times. Cumore is a riot.

  4. Neil says:

    I have actually been following Liam’s work since Appleseed, which is one of my favorite 3d style anime of all time. The fact that he did Red XIII’s voice is pretty amazing as well but I would have to say that my favorite work by Mr. O’Brian would have to be a tie, for video game it’s without a doubt Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows cause I mean I lost a lot of time on that game. For his voice work in TV series, I mean come on Nightcrawler in Wolverine and the X-men hands down. Nightcrawler is the best of the X-men, that is an origin movie I would go see.

  5. Wendy says:

    Wow. This was pretty hard. I love him as Illidan for sure but I’m going to say it’s a tie between wow and Devil May Cry. I’ve always been a sucker for that series. :) Good job as usual ladies!

  6. Theeffinjeff says:

    First off let me say holy balls! Liam has been super busy, at first i was certain that my fav piece of Liam’s work would be WOW but now that i see how much hes actually done i gotta say i love alot of his work, but i guess my favorite would have to be Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, even tho it had to be a small part…just a die hard FF7 fan i guess ;0)

  7. Nymuera says:

    I have to say that my favorite thing Liam has done is Illidan. That was just awsome!

  8. Matt K says:

    My favorite game Liam’s done voice work for is Marvel Super Hero Squad. My son and I still play a couple hours of that game a week.

  9. Adam says:

    It has to be WoW. Unoriginal, I know, but nothing beats Illidan. :-)

    Good luck all with the contest!


  10. Wes says:

    To nail it down to one favorite overall is hard, so one of my favorite roles he has done is definitely Gino from episode 2 of Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig. I’m a sucker for emotionally driven episodes, and that’s one of those episodes that when I’m flipping channels if it comes on I have to watch it. The interactions between Gino and Motoko in the helicopter is a great scene.

  11. Trumppoll says:

    I like Liam as Illidan Stormrage. But I really liked his work on Wolverine and the XMen and Planet Hulk.

  12. Orthien says:

    I really had no clue just how much Liam has done until I looked him up for this. If its my favorite game only It would have to be a toss up between WoW, .Hack and SO:TteoT. However it is amazing how many of my favorite Anime and Movies he is in that I never noticed because I usually only watch them in the Original language i.e. Japanese so never get to hear his voice work.

  13. Jacob says:

    I would like to say that my favorite work of Liam O’Brien is him as Illidan Stormrage. I use to watch the Burning Crusade video all the time before I played World of Warcraft. Its a great video and personally my favorite of all the cinematics of WoW. Also Illidan is my favorite lore character in Wow.

  14. Gnome de plume says:

    Liam has a very impressive list of credits. I loved Darksiders, War was a great character and I hope Liam gets the sequel. My favorite will always be Illidan, I can watch that BC cinematic over and over. He sounds like a mixture of Patrick Stewart and Alan Rickman in that role. I really liked the way it built up to the final “You are not prepared!”.

    A word about F2P games: Since you are not paying to play then you don’t feel like “the meter is running” when you don’t log in for awhile. How many people are paying a sub for WoW and go for long periods of time without logging in? I think if you take a closer look at most of them, Stephanie, you will be surprised at how much you get for free :)

  15. Whilst I loved his work as Illidan Stormrage and ‘YOU ARE NOT PREPARED’ will always be one of the more memorable quotes from World of Warcraft, his recent appearance in StarCraft II as the Ghost unit was awesome. At first I did not recognise it was him, but after a few matches nuking the opposition, I began to hear the subtle sounds of Liam’s voice coming through. “Ghost reporting.” ;)

  16. Ice Cream Assassin says:

    His work in Ergo Proxy takes the cake by far IMO. One of my favorite series plus he, Megan Hollingshead, and whoever did Pino’s voice are a freaking amazing trio to listen to.

    Also, his works as Master Big Star in Disgaea 3 and Count Waltz in Eternal Sonata are somewhat short, but I love ’em anyway.

  17. Travis Newberry says:

    My favorite of MR. O’Brians vast library of work has to be Fallout. I love anything post-apocalyptic and the fallout universe is amazing. The only thing better would be if Fallout online would ever see the light of day.

  18. darkanders says:

    RDR…oh wait that wasn’t in the game that was in-game. I think his work in SC2. “Ghost reportin'”

  19. SquareSquid says:

    So far, my favorite performance of Liam’s is his Illidan. But I can’t wait to hear him in Fallout!

  20. Robin says:

    Liam did the voice of Lloyd in Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion which is my favorite anime of all time. OF ALL TIME! In the realm of video games my favorite work of his is War from Darksiders. Thanks ladies! <3
    P.S. props on playing Amnesia. I love survival horrer games but I quit that demo like a crying little child. Keep up the 1337!

  21. Jimbow says:

    Ladies of Leet, I love your show with a passion. You guys are truly amazing. Regarding the contest, I would have to say that Liam O’Brien as Illidan Stormrage in World of Warcraft is my favorite of his work.

    I <3 YOU GUYS.

    – Jimbow
    (Horde, Anvilmar)

  22. Hotash says:

    Ghost reporting – Starcraft 2
    and of course Red 13 from Advent children
    While his work in Warcraft was great, Illidan didn’t appear in BC that much,

  23. Jake L says:

    I personally enjoyed Liam’s work in both WoW as Illidan as well as his little stint in Starcraft II!

    I also just want to comment and say how awesome you three are! I whispered Kim in game to tell her this and her respose was so warm and gracious! You ladies keep on gaming! I always look forward to a new podcast every two weeks!

  24. Dustbonnie says:

    Loved Liam as Illidan… boring I know! But I’m a WoW addict.

    His impression of drunken Gandalf cracks me up! He should get paid for that one too! XD

    Absolutely love your show ladies! :D

  25. Joshua S says:

    My favorite game by Liam O’Brien is WoW but if splitting off to the console I think Darksiders was amazing. He picks great parts in everything though. Love the show!

  26. Invaderkim says:

    Thanks for another great show, ladies!
    My two favorite characters voiced by Liam have to be War from Darksiders and Illidan Stormrage from WoW.
    He has done a ton of great stuff. It just doesn’t seem healthy for one individual to ooze so much talent. ;)

  27. Spiritwalker says:

    LoL, love the show! Your show does more for female gamers than any podcast out there… simply by being yourselves. Now if you can only talk my girlfriend into trying the Fallout series. ;)

    In regards to the contest, I had no idea Liam O’Brien did so much voice work. Since I am an avid Warcraft player, his work as Illidan Stormrage seems like an obvious choice for my favorite game appearance. With that said, my favorite game Liam has been in is Disgaea 3 as Master Bigstar. I would be in heaven if the Ladies of Leet ever covered my favorite cult series, Disgaea. I will gladly display my Deathling statue next to my Disgaea Prinny plushie!

    Great idea for a contest. Keep on doing what you do best Ladies, gaming and talking!


  28. Sonofmaku says:

    Fallout New Vegas is great too bad Nicole is burned out though :(. My favorite work of Liam O’Brien would be Red XIII in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. But if I had to pick a video game he was in it would have to be Disgaea 3 as Master Bigstar great game and great work by Liam.

  29. Ryan says:

    Love the show ladies. My favorite Liam game is hands down World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade.

  30. Aaron says:

    World of Warcraft being the easy answer, and easily most hours played:

    I have to say Darksiders hands down. It is a fantastic game. I am a huge Zelda fan, and enjoyed God of War series so this was right up my alley. It’s the kind of game that even though it doesn’t change, has huge replay value because it is so satisfying. Possibly right up there with LoZ: Ocarina of Time. Liam gave such heft to the character I could really get into it. With such strong character involvement I could feel the impact of the punches i was throwing and slashes as i hacked and pummeled my enemies into submission.

    Thanks again Liam! Sorry I can’t stand US dubs of anime. I would love to know you as Jushiro Ukitake! :P

  31. Shana says:

    WoW Burning Crusade is top pick but I loved playing Jeanne D’arc on my PSP. That game sucked up a lot of my travel time for quite a while.

    Also love the podcast! You guys cover so many first person shooters it makes me keep wanting to try them again. Only problem is I get massive motion sickness from them, and it’s the only thing in the world that does that to me, so darn you all for tempting me!

  32. Rathwirt says:

    Favorite Liam game is of course WoW just based on how long I’ve been playing it and such. Makes me sad we had to kill off Illidan. :( He was one of my favorite characters!

  33. Zymbal says:


    As usual your last show was great. Keep up the good work!

    As for Liam’s best work, it was probably the AppSlappy promo when he said, in Illidan’s voice, that there was nothing to do except play Sally’s Spa. Classic. If you asked me to choose from the rest… I am not prepared.

  34. Rachelle says:

    Hi Ladies! Great show, always fun to listen to you three! I think that I have to choose Liam’s work as Illidan Stormrage as my favorite voice acting that he has done. Illidan is such a cool character and Liam does him justice! Plus, I quote the famous “You are not prepared!” line way to much in RL :D

  35. Daum says:

    I must have missed the memo about Liam being Illidan, but I’m so glad that I know now because now I am prepared!!!

  36. Robert says:

    Well… based on time played, I guess World Of Warcraft is my “favorite” of the games he’s done voice work in… and probably the one I’ve heard the most (though I don’t think it’s fair to include WoW in “best game” discussions anymore). That said, The Last Remnant was great. My vote for coolest thing he’s been in is easily Afro Samurai, I will certainly be going back to check out his characters.

  37. Pierre Roquet says:

    “It’s getting too hot!”
    I just love quoting that in the middle of a conversation, SC2 ghost FTW!!

  38. Aleara says:

    Looks like the earliest game Liam’s done is Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. The character he voiced is Joachim Armster (uncredited).

    Also a general thanks to you three ladies for the great work you do!

  39. Christopher Regan says:

    The chemistry is what holds me. I was looking for a new podcast and gave you a listen. I expected quality because it’s a frogpants affiliate, but the upbeat, cheerful female voices hold my attention. I like hearing from 3 intelligent ladies with unique accents that tell me that you are from different parts of the USA, but who get along like sorority sisters living in the same place. And while those voices compelled me to listen, your knowledge and opinions keep me coming back. Thanks to you, my new addiction to pocket frogs and Civ 5 keep me entertained when I am not running my guild or raids in WoW.

    While I am a man, I really enjoy the female perspective, especially intelligent and mature viewpoints. It’s a breath of fresh air from all the guy talk on other podcasts. My wife and I have both come to adore all three of you in a very short time and hope you don’t fizzle out like so many other podcasts.

    As for the contest, I thank Mr. Illidan Stormrage for his donation of Deathling. I have been addicted to Wow for almost 6 years and am GM of Entity on SWC … That’s Alliance but please don’t hold it against me. I would love a chance to win it, even if I am “not prepared!”

  40. Fang14 says:

    Darksiders, because that was the first game where I actually said, “Hey, isn’t that Liam?”

  41. Kegass (keg-us) says:

    Seeing as I am on the last 50 pages of “The War Of The Ancients” (The Sundering to be exact) trilogy, and therefore Illidan Stormrage is fresh on my mind I must go with that as my number 1.

    I was checking around on IMDB looking over his impressive resume. When up at the top I noticed it says he is in “God of War: Ghost of Sparta” (says release was Nov. 2nd) I have been out of the loop on everything gaming (except checking my egg every 7 days on wow for my drake lol… still to no avail) sense Aug. I have not had a chance to follow this. I LOVED GoW3 on the PS3 and was just wondering if this followed its original release date of Nov. 2nd. And if so have you ladies had the chance to pick this up and give it a look? Would love to hear any and all info/input you may have.

    Keep up the great work ladies.

  42. Tygris says:

    I know it’s sad, but there aren’t many of his games I have played. I just don’t care for JRPGs and don’t have a new console. I’m mainly a PC gamer. With that in mind I of course have to give the nod to World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade.

  43. Eagle says:

    For me it has to be Illidan.

  44. Moobacker says:

    Love the show. Fave Liam moment in games is WoW for Illy but I love him in Naruto and he wrote that stuff how cool. Talented dude.

  45. Lightbringer says:

    I’d have so say I am split between his work in Bleach and Illidan. I had no idea how many anime and video games that I enjoy he was a part of. Keep up the good work Liam!

  46. Eric Ryan says:

    I’m gonna have to go with Modern Warfare 2 for my favorite Liam voiced game. Loved that story!

  47. Jim162065 says:

    I like him in Afro Samurai series. I did not know he did lot of other games.A cvery long list of some favorite games and anime titles. Very cool resume.

  48. Rebecca says:

    Gonna have to say that my favorite game that Liam has worked on would be WoW, as it’s the only one I’ve actually played XD Although I’ve heard of a bunch of other stuff on his super long list of projects, and I’m sure a lot of it is really good as well.

  49. OvaCaffeinated says:

    Honestly couldn’t recollect anything he was in or voiced so zipped over to IMBD and saw Red Xiii for Final Fantasy AC. I remembered that Red xiii voice was well unique so I pulled out the old dusty dvd and watched it again, almost missing the brief comment. I love that voice so much, so that is my favorite role.

  50. NeuroMan42 says:

    WoW… i mean what other game beats them all.

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