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LOL – Spoiler Ep for Bioshock Infinite


Don’t worry we’ll have a regular episode next week.

In this special episode the ladies discuss nothing but Bioshock: Infinite.

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One thought on “LOL – Spoiler Ep for Bioshock Infinite”

  1. Hi, Ladies,

    Just finished the most recent LoL episode re: Bioshock Infinite and had to disagree with Stephanie about Booker’s involvement in the military and being at Wounded Knee. It’s entirely plausible that Booker could be involved in that battle at sixteen. All he’d have to do is lie about his age and look and act like he might be around seventeen or so. This happened as recently as World War II.

    I picked up on the idea that music and technology was coming from some other dimension when I saw the Barbershop quartet and the phrase “Tomorrow’s Music Today” on the sign behind them.

    The problem with time travel and paradox is that we try to figure out that paradox. Sometimes it can’t be done. Sometimes the paradox stands by the force of its own existence. Sometimes simply accepting its existence is the best thing.

    Re: the Elizabeth Army (and where do I sign up for this?): I think they come together like they do because Booker is the nexus of all their possible timelines. Everything wraps around him, everything depends on him and the choice he makes at that moment.

    I don’t know that this game is any more violent than any other shooter, really. The first kill is, if anything, more shocking because up to this point the player hasn’t had a reason to be violent. I’ll say that I was shocked by it. But the shock wore off quick as the mass of people turned on me and I had to run away.

    I was actually more shocked by the reveal that Elizabeth was Anna. I didn’t pick up on the Annabelle thing early on. The game has so much to look at and listen to that I think I was a little overwhelmed at times and chose to move the story forward. I expect I’ll play it again at some point and see what else I can pick up on.

    Love the show, though. ;)

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