Ladies of Leet Video Dante’s Inferno: Boobs Get Their Revenge

Dante’s Inferno: Boobs Get Their Revenge

So a few years ago X-Play previewed a game that had a story line that excited me. It involved a women going through the 7 layers of hell to find her son (at least that’s what my fuzzy memory remembers). The game was to be based on the poem The Devine Comedy, but unfortunately never came out and I pretty much gave up hope. So image my surprise when I stumble across a preview for Dante’s Inferno today. It’s the same concept of the 7 layers of hell, but instead of a woman it’s a badass dude. After watching the intro preview I immediately thought of one of my favorite games, God of War. Which pretty much means I’ll buy and play this game the day it comes out. The game isn’t going to be released until February 9, 2010, but previews of the game are being release. One level I’m sure that will cause a bit of a stir is Lust and fitting in with the theme of the level, the main boss has huge boobs with babies that come out of them and try and kill you. haha ya you heard me correctly. Check out the 2nd video below (warning there are cartoon boobs in this clip) to get a peek into the game play. I wonder if one of the developers was watching too much Austin Powers and got inspired by the fembots :)

I’m still not sure how I feel about the boobs, considering I know the audience they are trying to attract is male and I do understand they need to make the Lust level, well lusty. But it makes me think would it be appropriate if it was a giant penis?

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  1. I actually love games like this and I am actually glad that they went for it. As a woman, I’m not offended as breasts are seen everywhere anyway. I’m excited about it and maybe I’ll get a playstation 3 sometime!

  2. After describing how the nipples got in there, the interviewer says “That guy got a raise”. LOL.

  3. I don’t mind the boobies or nipples at all but it’s the babies coming out of them like that and crawling all over her breast like insects. Bleck

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