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Give us a Call!

As the podcast grows, so does the site! Introducing the new Ladies of Leet Voicemail. Have a comment or question for the show? Give us a call! Our only request is to keep it short & clean. If we can, we would love to play your voicemail for the show. So give us a call at (623) 252-GAME (4263)

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  1. Hey, love what you girls are doing here, I hope in the future (when we start recording) that we would be able to use some of your insight and ideas about your gaming experience! Modcast is going to be a podcast that revolves around WoW addons, but not just how cool they are and how useful, we go into installing, walk-throughs, actual programming and tweaking, and much more.

    I am collecting popluar bloggers and podcasters answers to my favorite question, What is your favorite World of Warcraft mod, and why? Hope to talk with you soon!

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