Ladies of Leet Featured,Podcast LOL – Ep 43 – Kill Well and Kill Often

LOL – Ep 43 – Kill Well and Kill Often

This week we welcome Veronica Belmont to the guest seat and talk…you guessed it…Skyrim!

We heard all about Veronica’s new show – Game On! that will preview on the TWiT Network January 15, 2011!  Want to know more about Veronica? Everything you ever wanted to know is here!

2011 in Review –

Some of the big name games released in 2011:

Listen for our picks of favorite game, biggest disappointment, biggest surprise and more!

Also…our most anticipated games of 2012…well at least we hope they come out in 2012!

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3 thoughts on “LOL – Ep 43 – Kill Well and Kill Often”

  1. I love that you guys are talking about Skyrim again! Its all I want to play. Keep up the good work. I LOVE this show. Thank you for putting it on.

  2. Thanks for the great podcast! I loved seeing what everybody was up to and I loved all of your thoughts on your fav games of 2011. You all are awesome and you all had a fabulous guest in Veronica!

  3. I’m so addicted to Skyrim!! It owns ME!! Thus, I loved this podcast, and your perspectives on playing it. Except for the bits about getting married. That’s ummm…. just not my thing. My character build is a tank. Heavy Armor, Shield, etc… If my enemy is not splattering his blood on my monitor, he is too far away. Gotta mention that IF you love Skyrim and you haven’t played Oblivion, you ought to, the games are very similar.

    On your list of games of the year, I’m surprised that the Witcher did not get a mention. For plot, difficult moral choices, and engaging characters, the Witcher is superb. Of course the game had it’s share of problems too. I would have been interested in hearing your comments.

    All in all, I enjoyed the show and look forward to listening to more.

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