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Great Video Game Related Gifts

Even though the holidays are over, I’m still thinking of fun unique gifts for birthdays & “insert holiday here”. So I took a look on Etsy and I found some really cute & fun gifts for the video gamer in your life. Lets face it, we might just buy them for ourselves cause they are that awesome! Enjoy!

First for the ladies
ps3 Hardcore PS3 fan? Show your love with some amazing detailed PS3 controller earrings! I simply love what this artist does with clay & video games and she has a ton of other nerdy items in her Etsy store

hearthstoneOf course a keychain can be for either a man or a woman, but because I want this next item I’m putting it for the ladies. World of Warcraft is by far my favorite game of all time, so what a cute idea to have a hearthstone as a keychain. I just wish I could just click it and instantly be home :)

hordeearing There is just something fun about the Horde symbol. It seems to work so well on most items, unlike the alliance lion head symbol :) So for those women horde fans out there, check out these sexy Horde earrings. I became aware of this artist from her Hearthstone earrings before the holidays, so I’m excited to see her adding to her collection.

sackboyDo you love Little Big Planet and missed out on the free sackboy with LBP for the PSP (yes I did too :) No worries you can still get your very own cute crocheted sackboy. He’s so cute!!!!!

mario Trying to grow your bangs out and need a cute hair clip? Let Mario, Yoshi & others help keep the hair out of your eyes.

pacman Are you a PC gamer and have trouble keeping your hands warm as you play? Check out these super cute Ms. Pacman & Ghost fingerless gloves. And while your at it keep your head warm with this Toadstool hat and Dracula Pinball scarf! :D

dndAre you a pen & paper gamer? Check out this stylish D8 or D12 necklace & earring set. They come in a variety of colors and the artist will let you choose from either D8 or D12 dice. DnD not your thing? You can also try out a necklace with a Tetris or Mario theme.

For the men
XboxThe same artist that created the PS3 earrings didn’t forget the men out there. She has a large collection of cuff-links including Xbox, PS3, Nintendo & various games. I know if I had to wear cuff-links I would totally stock-up my collection with these :D

shotglassDoes your man like Warcraft and hard liquor? Then kill 2 birds with 1 stone and check out this Horde Shotglass :) I didn’t see an alliance shot glass, but that’s ok since we know they can’t hold their liquor (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a drunk alliance dwarf telling me to look at his bum). However the artist does have a few other video game related shotglasses, so check em out if your into that kind of thing.

soapIs your man bored of plain soap when he showers? Or maybe he’s not using it at all! Try giving him some fun video game soap :) There are tons of options: soap in the shape of a PS3 controller, Nintendo Controller, Space Invaders & Pac Man.

namcoI know that I suggested cuff-links above but when I found these I just had to add them. These are made from using original Namco gaming tokens and I already have at least 1 friend who I know would love these! I hope he’s not reading :)

customReally this could be for a man or woman, but I’m running out of things for guys :) Have you ever wanted to take your favorite character from a video game and have a custom figure created? Sure if you play Warcraft there is FigurePrints, but I would encourage you to check out the work from this artist. She’s amazingly talented and some of her Real Person figures are jaw dropping.

tshirtNow if all of these gifts fail for your guy, there is always my tried and true standby…a funny t-shirt and over at Etsy there are hundreds of custom video game shirts sure to please your gamer guy.

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  1. Oh thanks for this!! I am always looking for these type of gifts, I don’t know why they aren’t easier to find! I am a sucker for keychains and lanyards and plush toys, well all that trinket stuff I don’t need basically!

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